Read me: Don't use Browserlinux as your Daily Driver. This software is out of date and for testing purposes only...


Browserlinux is a fast and small (93 Mb!) Linux distribution for surfing the web.

  • Web-browser: Firefox 5.0.1
  • Flash 10.3
  • PDF-reader
  • Music Player


Version: Firefox 5.0.1
ISO Size: 93 Mb
File: browserlinux501.iso
MD5 Checksum: 7791b08b31495f174b3b27baf50a625d

Extra Software

More Fonts

Use the Microsoft Webcore Fonts installer:
Menu -> More Apps -> Install Microsoft Webcore Fonts


Install: Mplayer (13 Mb)
Browserlinux 400 and higher: also install libnotify (12 Kb).
Browser-plug-in included

Java in browser

Use Java in your browser Install: Java jre-1.6.0_21 (37 Mb)