Aruba HiSpeed Cache

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Aruba HiSpeed Cache is a plugin that interfaces directly with the HiSpeed Cache service for an Aruba hosting platform and automates its management in the WordPress dashboard, without having to access the website’s control panel.

The plugin can only be used if your WordPress website is hosted on an Aruba hosting platform.

The HiSpeed Cache service significantly reduces the TTFB (first Byte transfer time) and webpage loading times.

When the service is active, the plugin lets you clear the cache automatically (and/or manually) every time a page or post is edited, without having to access the control panel for the website by clicking on the link provided.

HiSpeed Cache keeps dynamic content in the servers’ memory after the first time it loads, making it available for subsequent requests much faster, significantly speeding up website browsing. The plugin simply clears the cache every time a custom page, article or content item is edited.

For more details and to find out whether the HiSpeed Cache service is active on your website please refer to our guide.

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