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Managing events on WordPress can be a challenge. These days we have many great solutions for managing our events outside of WordPress like Eventbrite. This plugin helps bridge the gap between the two platforms while retaining the great user interface and experience that Eventbrite provides.


  • Utilizes Eventbrite’s embedded checkout experience meaning if your website is secure with an SSL, the sign up button will let users pay and/or signup without leaving your website.
  • Provides an event status selector to choose between live, draft, and all events.
  • Provides an order by selector to choose the order you would like your events to be displayed in.
  • Provides ability to change the sign up button color
  • Gives users ability to view event description summary by clicking details
  • Gives users ability to click on title and navigate to appropriate Eventbrite url
  • Saves events in WordPress cache (transients) every 1 minute upon page request.
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