Conditional Blocks – Content Visibility Control for Full Site Editing

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Conditional Blocks allows you to create unique content for your visitors and customers. Visibility control with WordPress blocks is now easy within the WordPress Block Editor.

Be creative, build templates with dynamic content – you can change blocks to be visble or hidden, grouped blocks and each nested block even reusable blocks! We plan on having Conditional Blocks ready for Full Site Editing (FSE) themes, if you have any ideas – let us know.

What can conditional blocks do?

Conditional Blocks makes it easy to change visibility of any block with a few clicks. See the below features to get ideas for conditional content in WordPress.

Included condition types in the free version:

  • Hide blocks from everyone using the “Lockdown” condition. Great for when you are preparing new content.
  • Show or Hide block based user state (logged in users or logged out users). Great for creating membership content for signed in users.
  • Show or hide block on mobile screens.
  • Show or hide block on tablet screens.
  • Show or hide block on desktop screens.
  • Modify the screen sizes to fit the devices using the CSS breakpoints of your theme.

You can create conditional widgets in sidebars using any of the built-in visibility logic. Fully compatible with WordPress block widgets and Full Site Editing themes.

Learn more about the features

Do more with Conditional Blocks Pro

We’ve designed Conditional Blocks Pro to be flexible and allow you to toggle blocks for a wide range of visibility conditions. Exclusively includes the ability to set WooCommerce conditional content.

  • Show block depending on user roles (WooCommerce Customer, admin, editor, subscriber, custom roles, etc).
  • Show block content for between date ranges, times, days of the week.
  • Show block for any device and browser (HTTP UserAgent) (iPhone, Android, macOS, linux and Windows).
  • Show block based on URL Referer (e.g if user came from or
  • Show block based on post meta fields, including custom meta fields and data.
  • Show block based on URL query strings (URL variables), You display custom confirmation content for form plugins like Gravity Forms.
  • Show block based on post ID or hide block on post IDs and URL Paths.
  • Show blocks based on Posts, Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and terms. Automatically detects custom taxonomies and terms.
  • Show blocks for custom fields, user meta, post meta.
  • Toggle blocks based on Archives.
  • Create and manage presets of conditions to apply to multiple blocks across your whole site.
  • Show block based on PHP Logic and custom functions. The possibilities are unlimited with custom conditions.
  • WooCommerce – change the visibility of blocks based on total cart value of the current customer. Perfect for upselling.
  • WooCommerce – We have even more WooCommerce conditions for blocks coming, each condition will help you create dynamic upsells for smart marketing.
  • WooCommerce Products in cart, total cart value, total customer spent in store.
  • WooCommerce Geo Location – toggle any WordPress Blocks based on the customers country using their IP Address.
  • WooCommerce Customer Recent Order – Check the current customer has place and order within a set amount of time (days, hours, or minutes).
  • Support development of new features.

Conditional Blocks Pro gives you even more control over block visibility – Ready for Full Site Editing, widget options and general content blocks.

See all features & benefits of Conditional Blocks Pro

Create content while your page is live.

You can use the Lockdown condition to create draft blocks. Once your blocks are ready to be published you can remove the condition. Safely work on your published WordPress content over multiple days by hiding the blocks that aren’t yet finished. Just make them visible on when you are ready.

Restrict block content

Restrict any WordPress Block by simply clicking on it inside the WordPress Block Editor. You can open the Condition Builder and add visibility rules to the selected block. You’ll be able to set it to appear for logged in or out users only.

Great for creating content that’s visible to members only on your site.

Control Mobile Blocks

You can select specific screen sizes to display your blocks on, and exclude them from others! Pick and choose where responsive blocks should be shown mobile, tablet or desktop. The block content will automatically be displayed or hidden for each different screen sizes.


Conditional Blocks works with any theme that uses the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg Block Editor).

We’ve tested Conditional Blocks with the follow plugins and themes:

  • Stackable Blocks
  • Atomic Blocks
  • CoBlocks
  • Editorskit
  • WooCommerce Blocks (Product Blocks)
  • Easy Digital Downloads Blocks
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg
  • Otter Blocks & Templates
  • GenerateBlocks
  • Kadence Blocks
  • Genesis Blocks
  • Twenty Twenty Two theme
  • Wabi theme
  • Poe theme
  • WooCommerce Storefront

Please reach out for support if you are experiencing issues with another plugin.


  • Documentation: Learn how to set up and use our features.
  • Blog: Read our guides and tutorials.
  • Website: Find out more about us and the pro version.
  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter.
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