Cosmic Blocks (40+) Content Editor Blocks Collection

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Cosmic Blocks is a collection of 40+ customizable content blocks for the new WordPress 5.0 gutenberg content block editor. This collection is built to easily integrate in any theme. It is packed with many unique features and design options for your site.

With the new WordPress content editor, you can create complex layouts with ease. The default editor includes standard block elements like title, paragraphs, images, galleries and more. With our Cosmic Blocks collection, you can extend the possibilities of content creation with more than 40+ new content block elements.

Cosmic Blocks


Make your website more stunning. Choose one of more than 75+ animations to display your blocks.

Background Color

Use colors, gradients and images as background to highlight your blocks. Change the block size properties to build modern websites with ease.


Disable unused blocks: Activate/Deactivate each single block as admin to restrict the use of individual blocks.

Blocks collection

  • Accordion
  • Advantages
  • Brands
  • Buttons (call to action)
  • Classifieds List
  • Classifieds Tiles
  • Contacts List*
  • Contacts Tiles*
  • Contacts Target Bar*
  • Container
  • Countdown
  • Count Up
  • Date List
  • Date Tiles
  • Deals
  • Donations
  • Employee List
  • Employee
  • Events List*
  • Events Tiles*
  • Events Upcoming List*
  • Events Upcoming Tiles*
  • Facts
  • Foreword
  • Greeting
  • Image
  • Inline Notice
  • Launch
  • Like/Dislike
  • Links Download
  • Links Icon
  • Links Image
  • Posts List
  • Posts Grid
  • Pricebox
  • Pricelist
  • Progress
  • Separator
  • Showcase
  • Social Share
  • Split List
  • Statements
  • Steps
  • Testimonial
  • Title & Intro
  • Voting Slogans
  • Wanted

Demo Videos

Cosmic Blocks in Action

Links Icon Block in Action

Brands Block in Action

Testimonial Block in Action

Greeting Block in Action

Why Cosmic Blocks

Comsic Blocks is a high quality blocks collection like the popular Atomic Blocks, Stackable Blocks, Advanced Gutenberg Blocks, Editor Blocks or CoBlocks. Our Cosmic Blocks Collection has 40+ well designed blocks. If you use our Cosmic Campaigns to get more useful blocks like events or contacts.


Integration of cosmic blocks is easy. Just go to the settings page and check the “frontend block sizes” section.

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