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Cyr to lat reloaded is the improved version of the popular Cyr to lat plugin, created by Sergei Biriukov, and Rus-To-Lat plugin designed by Anton Skorobogatov. Even though the plugin is still easy & simple, we have updated both the symbol base and the source code, and fixed known bugs.

What is transliteration? This term usually refers to the action aiming to convert symbols from one language to another. For example, when we change Cyrillic symbols to Latin. Since the majority of the Internet uses Latin symbols, all software is designed with full Latin support – not Cyrillic, Chinese or whatever. That is why whenever you assign Cyrillic names, you can end up with access problems in their absolute URLs. Besides, Cyrillic in links really deteriorates absolute URLs readability. And it this case you might need transliteration of links and file names.

We have created a simple transliteration plugin named Cyr to lat reloaded. It replaces Cyrillic, Georgian and Turkish symbols with Latins automatically and creates readable absolute URLs for posts, sections, marks, products and custom post types. In addition, this plugin fixes incorrect file names and removes extra symbols, which may cause access problems.

Here’s an example of Cyrillic URL:

Now the same link, but transliterated to Latin:

Do you see the difference? The first one is encoded and recognized by browser only, when the second one with Latin symbols is shorter and much clearer.

Incorrect file name of the image:

%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B5_image_ 290.jpg


The example of image transliteration – readable name without special characters:

moe_image_ 290.jpg


You can ignore all basic rules of creating file names, but one day you’ll definitely deal with bad links in images and 404 error in direct links to the files.

We recommend naming files in Latin symbols. Cyr-to-lat reloaded plugin can do this for you automatically on each file loading. In this case, there will be no bad links.


  • Converts absolute URLs of existing posts, pages, sections and tags automatically (after plugin activation);
  • Preserves absolute URLs integrity;
  • Transliterates file names in attachments;
  • Performs transliteration of attachment file names.
  • Supports Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Greek, Armenian, Serbian symbols
  • Support plugin Advanced custom fields
  • Support plugin Asgaros
  • Support plugin Buddypress


  • Cyrlitera – transliteration of links and file names
  • Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin and disable ultimate tweaker


We’ve used some features of the following plugins:

Cyrlitera, WP Translitera, Rus-To-Lat, Cyr-To-Lat, Clearfy — WordPress optimization plugin, translit-it, Cyr to Lat enhanced, Cyr-And-Lat, Rus filename translit, rus to lat advanced


We provide free support for this plugin. If you are pushed with a problem, just create a new ticket. We will definitely help you!

  1. Get starting free support
  2. Hot support – Any user can contact us. You can use it only if you find a php error in plugin, get a white screen, or want to report a vulnerability.


  1. Youtube channel
  2. Telegram
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