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Manage your food menus online in minutes. Very employee friendly. With a user role for only uploading the restaurant menu as pdf or any other file type. It lets you or every eligible employee upload and manage your food and drink menus on your site. The links to the food menus are embedded with a shortcode or gutenberg block, see “Installation” tab.

Documentation: https://beautiful-wp.com/documentation/

1. New Role only for uploading the menu. No other WordPress access. Perfect for letting employees do the upload.
2. Support for Gutenberg Blocks
3. SEO and User friendly: Links are stable -> you can change the menu name, but the link to the menu stays the same.
4. Unlimited menus supported with premium add-on: beautiful-wp.com. The basic version supports lunch menu and a main menu.
5. Links to menus can be placed everywhere in wordpress: you get shortcodes for the links.
6. Linktext can easily be changed in the shortcode.
7. Multilanguage support.
8. Add a descriptive text for the menu uploader with instructions.
9. Optional redirect to Menu Upload Page, after login.

The menus can be uploaded under Media > Easy Menu Upload.

With this plugin you can leave the restaurant menu upload to your employee. The file type is fixed and if the employee does have the user role Restaurant Menu Uploader he can only upload the food menus, nothing else.

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