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elegro Gateway provides facilities for smooth, safe and instant cryptocurrency payments with automated exchange to
EUR/USD or any other fiat currency at direct exchange rates. Payment processing fees are reasonable and calculated
depending on business risk levels.
Using our payment system, your customers can easily and instantly pay for the purchases on the website you’ve
integrated with elegro Gateway. They can make purchases on any device and without any fees for elegro-inspired payments.
A branded crypto wallet – elegro Wallet facilitates safe, easy and instant crypto/fiat payments and exchanges. Level-up
your business and be a part of a modern world with elegro.

elegro benefits:

  • fast and simple onboarding
  • instant and secure payments
  • crypto payments with automatic exchange to chosen fiat currency
  • no losses on cryptocurrency conversion
  • UK IBANs to accept C2B transfers with no recalls
  • reasonable payment processing fees
  • zero volatility guarantee
  • merchant branded wallet
  • a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin)
  • an account with possibility to manage multiple websites
  • fast and easy checkout solution
  • BioSecure payments based on BioID and NFC technologies
  • smooth and quick integration
  • 24/7 live technical support

    The withdrawal process is really quickly, without delays, without restrictions on countries and the amount of funds,
    cause you are given a personal EU IBAN account on which all your funds will be accumulated. Also, you can make
    withdrawals in fiat currencies using the most popular e-payment services: skrill, webmoney, qiwi, etc. New services
    are being added everyday.

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