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Enhanced Blocks is the most powerful page builder kit for Gutenberg Editor AKA WordPress Block Editor. In a few clicks, you can build awesome and professional websites just using our Enhanced Blocks. We are calling it Gutenberg site builder plugin!

Either you are a professional web developer or even a WordPress noob, it does not block your path to create websites as we have been working to make your life easier while building your WordPress sites; Yes, we are now giving you a free page builder based on Gutenberg Block editor! The most exciting feature of this plugin is you might not need any other plugins to make your website as you think of. You can create any page or post with Enhanced blocks. All you can see is that Enhanced Blocks is a complete substitution of your beloved Elementor Page Builder. In Enhanced Blocks, there are 1000+ possibilities to design stunning, creative and powerful blog pages just by clicking on your mouse!

Click here to see the Enhanced Block live demos

Meet the Enhanced Blocks – The answer to all your needs when
building your sites with the most powerful features a page builder can ever have.

Using Enhanced block is super easy. For the first time in the history of Block editor, we have made a revolutionary tabbed design of the setting panel so that you can find all the necessary settings you need.
We have classified our every block’s setting into three categories, Layout, Style and Advanced which follow a beautiful topology for the developers and the common users.
We have also created an eye-catching UX for the users so that they can never be bored while playing with Enhanced Blocks.

The Enhanced Blocks for Gutenberg is built for speed and performance along with lots of flexibility and ease of use. This is the only advanced addon you may need to build a complete website with the default WordPress editor. This combination for sure will take away the extra bloat from your website making it much lighter and faster to load.

If you want to try our Enhanced Blocks without installing to your website, you are always welcome to try!
Try Enhanced Blocks without installing.

Currently Available Blocks

 📌 Row Layout Block
 📌 Post Grid Block
 📌 Heading Block
 📌 Button Block
 📌 Icon Block
 📌 Testimonial Block 
 📌 List Block
 📌 Image Comparison Block
 📌 Profile Block
 📌 Social Sharing Block
 📌 Call To Action Block
 📌 Notice Block
 📌 Spacer Block
 📌 Divider Block

***More blocks are coming soon ***

You can not explore the latest page builder with just a few clicks. You can play with it and make things look awesome without typing a single line of code. You can use all the features of the Enhanced Blocks plugin and build both professional and personal websites with the minimum energy spent.

In the version 1.4.0, we are anticipating 14 new blocks with a number of new features that no other plugin has developed yet. We will come up with more blocks soon. If you need any specific block, you can just hit out support, we will make the block for you. In Enhanced Blocks, you can now get the following blocks!

What you can do with the blocks you currently will get once you install Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg.

What Options You can Get Now

✅ Row Layout Block

The most challenging part while building a page for your website is the row layout and playing with the grids. We are happy to offer you the first row layout block for Gutenberg. you can have limitless options while working with the row layout block of Enhanced Blocks.

✅ The Post Grid Block

Showcare your posts in the most creative way. You can change the blog post showcase by using the Post Layout Block. You can also do a lot of thing with it.

✅ Heading Block

The Heading Block of Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg is different than the default Gutenberg Heading Block. Using our Block, you can now change the color of your heading and set custom size.

✅ Button Block

Using this block will unlock the ways of using buttons on your site. We have added icons, colors and so many features on this block that you might not need any other setting for a button.

✅ Icon Block

Using icon block, you can now create anything related to icons. Even you can make buttons using icons too. Lots of styling and changing of layout can be found in the icon block.

✅ Testimonial Block

The Testimonial Block of Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg allows you to show testimonials form your clients on your website. We have implemented a great feature in the testimonial block which you can not find on any other blocks which is slider. Yes, you can now add multiple testimonials in one single row. There are a lot of options you could ever need on this block.

✅ List Block

Using the List Block of Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg, you can make your lists awesome!

✅ Image Comparison Block

The Image Comparison Slider Block will help you a lot to show your viewers the difference between two images. You can also change they effects of the images.

✅ Profile Block

Using the Author Profile Block, you can showcase anything on your website, human, product or even a fictional character!

✅ Social Sharing Block

The Social Sharing Block of Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg allows you to show the social share menu on your website with a number of great features and customizable options and hyper links. There are a lot of options to be customized you will ever be needing.

✅ Call To Action Block

Using Call to Action block you can showcase the endorsements of your clients on your site. You can also design the block as you want.

✅ Notice Block

Using the Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg’s Notice Block, you can now add notices to your website.

✅ Spacer Block

Using our Spacer block, you can now change the spacer height and if you need a border, you can do that too.

✅ Divider Block

Using Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder blocks for Gutenberg’s Divider Block, you can explore the freedom of using dividers on your blogposts.

These are the reasoons why you should use Enhanced Blocks

Faster Performance

Built with speed and performance in mind, Enhanced Blocks follows the best coding standards and lets you build faster loading and better performing websites.

Easy Customization

With all the settings managed through the customizer, Astra keeps it simple and gives you lots of options to customize everything with a few clicks.

Pixel Perfect Design

Astra reduces your design time by giving you pixel-perfect FREE ready-to-use websites demos within a huge library of starter sites.

Deeper Integrations

Enhanced Blocks works seamlessly with all WooCommerce plugins, LifterLMS, LearnDash etc. This means that you can create and beautify eCommerce websites and also customize your settings anyway you desire.

Awesome Support

Get dedicated support from our awesome happiness managers and developers and Yes! it’s completely free.

Request Features

You can also request any features you want to come with the installation of the Enhanced Blocks – Page Builder Blocks for Gutenberg. You may also suggest if there needs any improvement on any block or you can submit the bug reports too.

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