EU Cookie Law for GDPR/CCPA

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EU Cookie Law is a light, elegant and powerful solution to comply with European cookie law, GDPR and CCPA, with popup and options to lock scripts before acceptance.

Various customizations included to perfectly fit your website and keep cookies under control (before and after the consent).

Simply install the plugin and follow the instructions on the Settings page.



  • 🇪🇺 GDPR compliant
  • Customizable banner (color, position, strings)
  • 🤏 Consent by Clicking, Scrolling and Navigation
  • 🗃 Set your page, popup or custom URL for Cookie Policy
  • 📅 Set cookie expiry
  • ✂ Shortcode to revoke cookie consent
  • 📝 Shortcode to show a list of cookies
  • 📱 Responsive design
  • 🌍 Certified for WPML and compatible with various multilanguage plugins
  • 🤹 Compatible with Disqus and Jetpack InfiniteScroll

Advanced Features

  • Automatic block of iframes, embeds, scripts and objects before cookie consent, with overlay alert
  • Complete set of shortcodes, PHP filters and functions

You can prevent cookies using [cookie] and [/cookie] shortcodes in posts, pages and widgets, or play with php:

if ( function_exists(‘cookie_accepted’) && cookie_accepted() ) {
    // Your code

Shortcodes parameters, PHP filters and functions are available in our faqs.

Bản dịch

You can add your translations here:


  • Plugin promoted from 2015 by, open-source solutions developed for Italian government websites
  • Italian community Porte Aperte sul Web
  • This plugin was originally developed by Peadig in 2012.
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