Event Tracking for Gravity Forms

Mô tả

Gravity Forms is launching their own official Google Analytics plugin. It will be the successor to this plugin. Join the official beta.

This plugin provides an easy way to add event tracking to your Gravity Forms using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

This plugin support Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4.

Also supports:

  • Pagination events
  • JS only events
  • Google Tag Manager

Setup Guide

Looking for help setting things up? Read Our Setup Guide

Minimum Requirements

  • Gravity Forms 2.5
  • Google Analytics Universal Analytics v3
  • Google Tag Manager (optional)

Chức năng

  • Submit events to Google Analytics using the Measurement Protocol, JavaScript, or using Google Tag Manager
  • Add multiple event feeds with conditionals
  • Custom event categories, actions, labels and even values
  • Track form pagination events
  • Dynamic event value on payment forms (integration with the payment add-ons including Paypal Standard, PayPal Pro, Stripe, etc…)

For payment based forms, you can leave the value blank to convert using the total payment amount.

Development happens on GitHub.

Please Rate the Plugin or Give Back to show support.

Join the Gravity Forms Google Analytics Beta

The official Gravity Forms add-on is coming and will be the successor to this plugin.

Find out more details about the Gravity Forms Google Analytics Beta.

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