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WordPress Frequently Asked Questions plugin allows you to display Frequently Asked Questions on your website with a beautiful accordion. With responsive design and advanced styles, the plugin gives you an opportunity to have awesome accordions at your service very quickly and easily. Not only it will help you save time for you and your customers, but also will show how professional you are.


  • Unlimited questions with answers
  • Responsive design
  • 3 amazing themes
  • FAQ style options (20+)
  • Custom Class
  • Custom CSS
  • Collapse option
  • Individual questions from users
  • 3 options to display answers
  • Question numbering

Pro Features

  • All free features +
  • Scroll to top
  • FAQ categories
  • Export and Import

User-Friendly Interface

There is no need to be a pro to make wonderful FAQs if you are using this plugin. It is designed and developed especially to save time and effort for you! Also, the plugin supports mobile friendliness, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Three Amazing Types Of Themes

Use your favorite theme among the ones given in the plugin’s Styles and create the most engaging queries and answers for your website. Define the width, border style, background style, title and text style, answers, and also use custom class and custom CSS if you like to.

Always In Touch With Your Visitors

This plugin has an amazing option, which while enabled, sends you queries from your users, whenever they have their own questions. It keeps you always updated on your customers’ needs and requests, and helps you improve the quality and support of your service.

Why choose us?

Among the variety of plugins in WordPress, our FAQ Builder is the best free FAQ plugin, as it provides you not only with the great features mentioned above but also plenty of advantages.

SEO Boost

Search engines do LOVE frequently asked questions page, as they mostly target high quality and relevant information of your website. FAQs match perfectly to this requirement: just put some of the most discussed topics about your product/service on this page, and search engines will do their job. Note, that you should always keep this section interesting, specific, and carefully written. Use long-tail keywords to improve SEO. Always make sure, that the content meets your customers’ needs and use as many most-searched keywords as possible. After doing this for some time, the results will for sure make you happy!

Brand Awareness

Every time a new person visits your website, they will definitely search for your FAQ page, to understand what your brand represents. Make them satisfied with this journey by giving the answers to the most commonly asked questions and queries. After, when you start checking FAQ statistics and view count, you will be amazed how many people really give big importance to them.

Improve support

It’s too obvious to mention, that Q&As will be your #1 help to improve customer support. Instead of answering thousands of questions, make a list of the most commonly asked ones and save yourself lots of time for the more specific questions.

Many sales

Product FAQ really arises trust about you and your product among customers. On this page, you show them a picture of your brand (what you offer, how can they get it, do you refund or not, etc). Try to be as clear and detailed as you can be to win their trust, and your sales will grow as a consequence.

In case you have any problems or further questions, feel free to contact us via the following FREE SUPPORT FORUM or email addres: [email protected].

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