Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery

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SimpLy Gallery Blocks is a friendly, easy-to-use gallery plugin with a list of advanced options for creating responsive Image, Video, Audio galleries.


Combine multiple galleries into one collection and publish it. The gallery from the album will be added to the page using the AJAX request as needed, which will make your page even faster and at the same time as informative as possible.

Lightbox Plugin

SimpLy Lightbox Plugin easily displays all linked images from a post or page in highly customizable lightbox. Compatible with native WordPress gallery (Block or Classic Editor). Each Post or Page can have a unique lightbox setting.


  • Masonry, Justified, Grid Gallery Blocks – Live DEMO
  • Album Navigator Block – Live DEMO
  • Albums Block – Live DEMO
  • Premium Showcase Gallery Block – Live DEMO
  • Premium Diamond Gallery Block – Live DEMO
  • Premium Horizon Gallery Block – Live DEMO
  • Premium Split Carousel Block – Live DEMO
  • Premium TagsBox Block – Live DEMO
  • Premium Portfolio Block – Live DEMO
  • Tags Filter – Live DEMO
  • SimpLy Slider / Carousel – Live DEMO
  • YouTube and Vimeo Gallery – DEMO
  • SimpLy Lightbox and WordPress Native Gallery – DEMO


  • Albums
  • Build dynamic video galleries by simply adding a YouTube Playlist *PRO
  • Build dynamic video galleries by simply adding a Video Showcase / Album, User Uploads, Channel or Category *PRO
  • Advanced Tags Filter. DeepLinking for tags. Filter without button “All” Demo *PLUS/PRO
  • WooCommerce Products list, Categories and Tags – Dynamic Gallery *PRO
  • Media Library Assistant. Att. Cattegory and Att. Tag – Dynamic Gallery *PRO
  • FileBird Media Folders – Dynamic Gallery *PRO
  • Tags Filter
  • Hidden Gallery
  • Supports Photo, Video MP4, YouTube, Vimeo and Audio *MP3 Lightbox is enabled by default
  • HTML5 Browser History support – Deep linking. Disabled by default*
  • Lightbox – Mouse wheel navigation and Fading Transition
  • Automatic SlideShow support (with CountDown timer)
  • Multi-touch gestures support
  • Thumbnails support
  • Fully Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited colors
  • SVG icon
  • Physics Based Animations
  • FullScreen support
  • Browser features control (scrollbar, mousewheel, right click prevention)
  • Inactive State detection
  • Smart Resizing
  • HTML Caption (Attachment Caption or Alternative Text)
  • Keyboard and mouse wheel support (navigate and zoom)
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Smart Loading

Unrivaled, in every way

The first of its kind, SimpLy Gallery Blocks offers an unrivaled drag and drop gallery building experience in Gutenberg. Add your images, video or audio files in your choice of photo gallery block, customize display settings, hit publish.

Unparalleled capabilities

An innovative transform system lets you instantly change your galleries into another form. Go from a fullscreen Masonry gallery to universal Grid or stylish Justified gallery, with just a single click. You won’t find another Gutenberg gallery plugin with this kind of capability. Guaranteed.

Highly responsive

Our Gutenberg gallery blocks are second-to-none, featuring fullscale responsive support. And with fine controls for mobile and desktop styles, you can set custom styling for each gallery.

Next gen Lightbox

Built on top of the latest technologies, SimpLy Lightbox is multi-gestures compatible, smooth and performant! Easily navigate with one or several fingers on your smartphone. Swipe, drag and pinch content naturally like with a native mobile swipeable view. It also supports navigation with keyboard or mouse wheel to slide or zoom.

Our lightbox mimics the most populars UIs like IOS, Android, Google Drive, etc… With a well known UI, users will instantly understand how to use the lightbox, and will easily navigate through your galleries.

SimpLy Lightbox is the only one lightbox to gather all these possibilities and You can use it absolutely for free without buying any addons or premium versions of the plugin.

A Super-fast experience

We’ve built a highly interactive and intuitive experience with a focus on speed and ease of use. Drag. Drop. Transform. Style.

A short demo of SimpLy Gallery Blocks

In this video you will see how easily you can create photo gallery using SGB Gutenberg photo gallery block.

Please note that you easily convert block gallery from Masonry to Justified or to Grid or to WordPress image gallery and vice versa.

Included Gallery Gutenberg Blocks

  • Albums Block
  • Slider / Carousel Gallery Block
  • Masonry Gallery Block
  • Justified Block
  • Grid Block
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