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ACF Blocks Suite – Ready to use Gutenberg Blocks

ACF Blocks Suite is a collection of ready-to-use Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress. Supercharge your Gutenberg editor with high-quality creative WordPress blocks. This Gutenberg addon helps you make a beautiful WordPress website.

Checkout Live ACF Blocks Demos.

An Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Suite

  1. Scrollable Image Block
  2. Tab Block
  3. Toggle Block
  4. Accordion Block
  5. Image Slider Block
  6. Social Sharing Block
  7. Photo Collage Block
  8. Posts Block
  9. Testimonial Block
  10. Team Block
  11. Multi Buttons Block
  12. Pricing Box Block
  13. Price List Block
  14. Start Rating Block
  15. Progress Bar Block
  16. Counter Number Block
  17. Click to tweet Block
  18. Business Hours Block
  19. Facebook Page Block
  20. Acf Meta Display Block
  21. Facebook Like Button Block
  22. Divider Block
  23. Random Image Block

ACF Blocks Suite Pro Brings More Power

ACF Blocks Suite Pro is here. It brings more amazing Gutenberg blocks to the free plugin (which will also continue to get better) and power it up with features that make it the best #ACFBlocksSuite plugin. You will also get premium support with the Pro.

Have a Sneak-peek to ACF Pro Blocks.

  1. Flip Box Block
  2. Content Timeline Block
  3. Image Accordion Block
  4. Call To Action Block
  5. Before After Image Block
  6. Image Hotspot Block
  7. Devices Block
  8. Shape Divider Block
  9. Post Ticker Block
  10. Post Tiled Block
  11. Post Timeline Block
  12. Post Slider Block
  13. Highlighted Headline Block
  14. Animated Headline Block
  15. Dual Button Block
  16. Tilt Card Block
  17. Lottie Block
  18. Many more to come…

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Many More Blocks On The Way!

Visit ACF Blocks for more info.

Important Note: ACF Blocks is built on-top of Advanced Custom Fields Pro. This plugin requires ACF Pro to function. Make sure you have ACF Pro installed and activated.

Template and Pattern Library

ACF Blocks Suite now includes access to the Extendify template and pattern library that can be accessed by clicking the “Library” button in the menu bar of the editor. We provide a variety of templates and patterns to serve different use cases and are adding more templates every week.

Note: Templates and patterns rely on blocks and styling applied by the Editor Plus plugin. The Editor Plus plugin is required when importing a template or pattern. If you uninstall Editor Plus, the templates and patterns will still display on your site, but the styling may be affected. Additionally, stock images included in the templates are hosted on We recommend replacing the images or adding them to your media library directly.


ACF Blocks Suite uses a custom API to fetch templates and patterns from the Extendify template and pattern library. To improve the service and stability we store logs which may contain the following:

  • browser type
  • referring site
  • date and time of request
  • category selection or search term
  • anonymized IP address

API requests are only made when a user clicks on the Library button.

For more details on our privacy policy:
For more details on our terms of service:

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