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Hot Blocks plugin by HotThemes is a collection of several blocks for new WordPress editor (Gutenberg). Currently, this plugin adds 6 new blocks in new category called Hot Blocks. Also, it adds custom styles to the core Latest Posts and Gallery blocks to transform the output into a carousel of posts and images.

Hot Header block is useful if you want to add a header with background image and overlay color to your pages with a big heading (h1) and some intro text (it’s recommeded to use page template that doesn’t display page title).

Hot Parallax is a placeholder for other blocks. If you select a background image for the Hot Parallax block, it will use a parallax scrolling effect.

Hot Accordion block contains heading and placeholder for other blocks below the heading. User can reveal or hide the content below the heading by clicking on it. It’s useful for FAQ pages and for pages with a lot of content.

Hot Map block allows you to include a Google Map to your post or page simply by entering address or point of interest. It supports align-wide.

There are also some simpler blocks like button with custom dimensions and font size, background color block container, and wide text block that allows your paragraph to use full screen width (only if theme supports align-wide).

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