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Control what menu items your site’s visitors see, with visibility rules. Here are a few examples:

  • Display a menu item only if User is logged in
  • Hide menus if Device is mobile
  • Display menus for Admins and Editors
  • Hide Login or Register links for Logged in Users
  • Display menus for Users from US or UK
  • Display menus only for Customers with active membership
  • Display menus for visitors browsing with Language English or Spanish

After the plugin is enabled, each menu item will have a new option “Change menu item visibility” which will enable the selection of visibility rules.

Check the examples in screenshots or try it here → demos.layered.store


  • Basic set of visibility rules
    • User state User is logged in
    • User roles Admin Editor Author etc
    • Page type Front page Single page Single post
    • Is Archive page (year, category, search results, etc)
    • Visitor device Is Mobile
  • Advanced visibility rules – requires More Visibility Rules Add-on
    • Visitor location – detect visitor’s Country
    • Visitor language – detect visitor’s selected Language
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions – Display menus for users with active subscription
    • WooCommerce Memberships – Display menus for customers with active membership plans
    • Groups – Detect if users are in specific groups
    • WishList Member – Detect the users’ membership level
    • Restrict Content Pro – Detect the users’ subscription level
  • Multiple rules – mix multiple rules for a menu item visibility
    • show if User is logged in AND Device is mobile
    • show if User is Admin AND Is front page
  • Support for adding your custom rules
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