Read me: Don't use Browserlinux as your Daily Driver. This software is out of date and for testing purposes only...

Browserlinux on USB drive

No external cd-rom? UNetbootin allows you to 'Live use' or install Linux from an USB drive.
(Windows and Linux)

Bootproblems with your USB drive made by UNetbootin?
Try this:

  • boot computer and wait for the UNetbootin screen
  • choose 'browserlinux' or 'puppy'
  • Press [Tab]
  • change 'pmedia=cd' to 'pmedia=usb pfix=ram'

If you keep using USB drive as a "Live OS" (no installation): edit the "syslinux.cfg" on the USB drive and change the last line: 'pmedia=cd' to 'pmedia=usb'.