jQuery Updater

Mô tả

This plugin updates jQuery to the latest official stable version, which is most likely not available within the latest stable release of WordPress.
jQuery Migrate is also included for backwards compatibility.

No files are replaced, therefore deactivation of this plugin returns your site to it`s original state.

Since WordPress 5.6 includes an up-to-date version of jQuery 3, upgrading shouldn’t`t be neccesary in most cases.


If you are not familiar with beta testing, bugfixing, javascript or running bleeding edge software it`s not recommended.
I will not provide help on JavaScript and jQuery, only on plugin related issues (PHP)!

Reporting problems

Please post bug reports and request for help on WordPress.org Support Forums.

If you run into any bugs, turning this plugin off will fully deactivate everything.

Work in Progress

  • Options screen to enable/disable
  • Option to choose a specific jQuery version
  • Automatic cache flushing

For more information on the development visit the plugins GitHub

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