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Expand the functionalities of the WordPress Gutenberg editor with K2 Blocks. Take your WordPress website to a whole new level with the essential and creative blocks from the K2 Blocks plugin that will lift your website’s design and boost its features.
K2 Blocks has the latest, most essential, ready made blocks for you to add to your WordPress website. This will speed up your WordPress website building process and make it so much simpler and more fun!

The ready made blocks by K2 blocks will save you loads of time when building your WordPress website. You will need minimum effort to customize the widgets according to your need. The ease of use makes the widgets even simpler, hence faster to edit and add.

K2 Blocks currently offers the following essential widgets:
1. Progress Bar – showcase progress, skills, and stats
2. Info Box – engage your users and get their attention
3. Call to Action (CTA) – encourage your users to take an action
4. Magic Image – showcase and transition through your panoramic images
5. Timer – keep your users excited through countdowns
6. Counter – showcase your accomplishments and let your numbers speak
7. Modal Box – show popup messages to catch the attention of your viewers
8. Premium Section – full-screen overlays to add excitement to your website
9. Hero Banner – show key information with beautiful animations
10. Heading – create captivating headings with multiple fonts and styles
11. Button – Enable your users to engage with your website using beautiful buttons

These widgets are carefully selected to help you add an extra element of creativity and advanced features to your WordPress website that Gutenberg editor does not offer.


  1. Progress Bar
    Add your skills, stats, and progress using our Progress Bar. You can customize this widget in multiple ways: use a simple bar, change text and colors of both the current progress and the background, make the bar animated, change width and height of the bar, add stripes to your progress, make the edges sharp and so much more!

  2. Info Box
    Capture your user’s attention by displaying alert messages, deadlines and a lot more using our Info Box. You can edit the icon in any way you like and add text too, which you can also format as you wish. You can also make the whole box more excited by adding borders.

  3. Call to Action (CTA)
    This Call to Action with options of a classic CTA layout as well as full cover CTA layout will give you an option to make your websites more aesthetically pleasing. You can add an image, a background image (in cover layout), edit the heading, text, and the call to action button according to your website.

  4. Magic Image
    Make your panoramic images magical with K2 Blocks’ unique Magic Image plugin! You do not have to worry about a boring, still, long image that takes up too much space on your website anymore now! Magic Image makes your images transition to show the whole image by taking up much less space and making your image even more attractive and exciting.

  5. Timer
    Want to add deadlines on your website or a counter to make a big announcement? Look no further as the Timer widget will definitely keep your viewers excited for the countdown. You can edit this block in any way you want, it will look stunning in every way. It also comes with 2 layouts to give you even more options to customize.

  6. Counter
    Use the Counter widget to showcase your accomplishments and important stats that will surely impress your viewers. Visualize your numbers beautifully and let them speak for you. You can even add memories or countdowns using the “Days Since” feature of the Counter widget that counts the days until an important event.

  7. Modal Box
    Use the Modal Box widget to give alert messages and important information to your viewers. You can add this as a popup on your website. What’s even more amazing is that you get two options of showing popups: by the click of a button, or after a specified time after loading a page.

  8. Premium Section
    K2 Blocks offers this premium feature for free! This feature adds a full-screen overlay on your screen at the click of a button. You can use the Premium Section widget to make your menus, forms, important information and so much more, even more attractive and eye-catching. This will surely make your website stand out!

  9. Hero Banner
    Use the Hero Banner to highlight the most important content and get the user’s attention. You can add headings and text and style them just the way you like. You can add beautiful image backgrounds to captivate your user and enable animations to grab visitor attention!

  10. Heading
    Create beautiful headings to organize your content and help your users navigate the website easily. You can choose multiple style combinations for your heading by underlining, adding icons or images, and much more!

  11. Button
    Add beautiful and creative buttons to your site. You can add text and icons, even change colors and add shadows to your buttons! These will capture your user’s attention easily by providing a great user experience, and result in an even greater user engagement.

Live tutorials

To see live and video tutorials of all the widgets and get more insights into K2 Blocks, check out our website K2Blocks.com


To contribute to this plugin head over to our Github Repository

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