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LezWatch.TV catalogs and documents queer female, transgender, and non-binary characters, as well as their actors and shows from TV, web and streaming media. With that data, statistics are calculated on the state of international queer story representation. We provide easy and free access to finding the best shows with queer characters and stories in the genres fans want to see. We can help you keep up to date with the global happenings of queer representation on television.

Currently we provide the following information about those characters:

  • … of the Day: A character or show (or death of a character) of the current day
  • Last Death: The latest character death
  • On This Day: The names of characters who died on that day
  • Statistics: The percentage of characters who died and/or shows with death
  • This Year: An overview of data from a specific year

Privacy Policy

In using this plugin, your website will contact the LezWatch.TV API to request up-to-date information. The IP address of your domain will be tracked, in order to generate usage statistics of the service. There is no information collected from the visitors to your site.

By using this plugin, you agree to the terms of Use of LezWatch.TV as a service provider. All data collected falls under the LezWatch.TV Privacy Policy.


The data can be displayed via a widget, a shortcode, or a Block.


  • LWTV – … Of The Day
  • LWTV – On This Day
  • LWTV – Last Death
  • LWTV – Statistics


  • [lwtv data="of-the-day" otd={character|show|death|birthday}]
  • [lwtv data="died-on-this-day"]
  • [lwtv data="died-on-this-day" format="MM-DD"]
  • [lwtv data="this-year" format="YYYY"]
  • [lwtv data="last-death"]


  • … Of The Day
  • Last Death

* If no type is passed to ‘… Of The Day’ it will default to the character of the day.
* If no date is passed to ‘On This Day’ it will default to today.
* If no format type is passed to ‘Stats’ it will default to display both character and show stats.
* If no year is passed to ‘This Year’ it will default to this current year.

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