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MihanPanel is a WordPress login and membership plugin by Ertano
that makes your WordPress login and registration form an influential part.
You can use this plugin to completely change your website’s login, registration, and user panel.
MihanPanel also can run shortcodes on other plugins on your website.

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The main advantages of MihanPanel:
* Use the original WordPress login form for security plugins compatibility
* Ability to change the login page background
* Change Login Page Logo
* Change the login page logo link to your website address
* Use custom menus in the user panel
* Custom profile fields
* View user membership days in the user panel
* Compatible with WooCommerce
* Compatible with Easy Digital Downloads
* SEO for Google
* Compatible with 99% of plugins in the WordPress repository
* Ability to run shortcodes on other plugins
* Multilingual capability
* Translated into Persian and English

This plugin is published in 2 versions, Lite and Pro. The MihanPanel Pro has a lot of features.

MihanPanel Pro features:
* Ability to add infinite menus in the user panel
* Ability to add various user profile fields including date, selection box, radio box, and…
* Ability to restrict content for specific user roles
* Change colors and styles
* Change fonts
* Ability to send SMS with API
* Upload the desired avatar by the user
* Technical support
* Direct update from your WordPress dashboard

Report Bugs & Contribution:
Do you want to report MihanPanel bugs and contribute to plugin development? Join us at MihanPanel Github Page

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