Nginx Helper

Mô tả

  1. Removes index.php from permalinks when using WordPress with nginx.
  2. Adds support for purging redis-cache when used as full-page cache created using nginx-srcache-module
  3. Adds support for nginx fastcgi_cache_purge & proxy_cache_purge directive from module. Provides settings so you can customize purging rules.
  4. Adds support for nginx map{..} on a WordPress-multisite network installation. Using it, Nginx can serve PHP file uploads even if PHP/MySQL crashes. Please check the tutorial list below for related Nginx configurations.


You will need to follow one or more tutorials below to get desired functionality:

  • Nginx Map + WordPress-Multisite + Static Files Handling
  • Nginx + WordPress + fastcgi_purge_cache
  • Nginx + WordPress-Multisite (Subdirectories) + fastcgi_purge_cache
  • Nginx + WordPress-Multisite (Subdomains/domain-mapping) + fastcgi_purge_cache
  • Other WordPress-Nginx Tutorials
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