NHS Blocks

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NHS styled blocks for WordPress using the Gutenberg editor, based on the excellent work from the NHSUK Frontend Library. These blocks mean your WordPress site can offer the latest care cards, site promos and info panels to your users, and that all of this content will be styled to match the NHS branding guidelines.

This plugin is designed principally for use by NHS organisations, but can be used by anybody.

This plugin previously required Gutenberg 7.9.1 (as a standalone plugin) to be installed and active. This requirement
has now been removed and it uses the native Gutenberg that ships with WordPress 5.3 and higher. If you also have the
Gutenberg plugin installed we strongly encourage you to deactivate the Gutenberg plugin as it may cause future conflicts
with the nhsblocks plugin (at time of writing it doesn’t, but Gutenberg updates every fortnight and we don’t plan to do
fortnightly releases of nhsblocks)

Development / Contributing

Contributions to development of this work are welcome at our GitHub repository.

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