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🕆 Serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, by providing free and open source software for orphanages, to help manage their operations and communications and to aid with meeting needs through fundraising and sponsorship.

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How does this work?

The project is still in early stages. We have are working on an Android app that we are hoping to make it easier for on-site people at the orphanage to keep the children on site updated and able to communicate with sponsors. Right now it allows the creation of children, their listing on a page, and some routing for sponsors to sign up to the site. It can email the website owners about which child a sponsor is interested in, as well as signing up sponsors as stripe customers to register for monthly sponsorships. Currently, no payments are taken on site but we hope to incorporate this in our next release.

The basic flow after installing is.
1. Create the children through the administrator, or soon via the Android app (it still has some work to go). Fill the fields you can, please use the format mentioned for dates for now, you can use an estimated date for Birthday if needed. There is a nickname field so real names are not necessarily displayed publically. In the android app, the picture must have finished uploading before you save the child at this point.
2. Use either the Guten block, or the [oo_aleluya/] shortcode to insert the list of children on a page or post.
3. When a sponsor sees the children, he can click on ‘sponsor this child’.
4. Depending on if Stripe is enabled, and public registrations are allowed,
1. If these are not, then it will ask the potential sponsor for their email and message the website owner with it, optionally triggering and IFTTT call as well.
2. If they are, and the user is not logged in, then it will take the user to the WordPress registration page. The logo can be over-ridden in the admin with the orphanage logo. And the user will be registered as a supporter/donor, as well as a Stripe customer created. They can log in and manage their profile, and in the future, we pray they can communicate with the children they sponsor.
3. If they are logged in, it will message the website owners about the child and interested sponsor email.
5. If Stripe is enabled, once they are registered they can also set their payment details in the User/Your Profile section of the administrator.
6. If Stripe is enabled, you may also create arbitrary donation forms via [oo_donation_block_aleluya purpose_aleluya=”(string)” expandable_aleluya=”(yes/no)”/] or Gutenberg.

At this point, you would agree with the person about the child and subscription, where you could start a monthly charge with them on stripe. You could also manually organize communications via email and fund fees with the person if they agree. We hope to further automate these tasks in the next releases, God willing and if we live.


Short Term.
– Allow sponsors to sign up for monthly donations. (Works, flow needs improvement)
– Allow sponsors to have supervised semi-regular communication with their sponsored children, and provide special donations for birthdays and special needs.
– Allow donations for arbitrary orphanage projects. (Works)
– Incorporate into a central hub where people can comment on the orphanages.

We hope Eventually
– Facilitate other orphanage management processes, progress tracking, checklists, etc.
– Newsletter sending and advertising
– Connect with materials about adoptions.
– More communication facilities.
– Provide links to other methods of fundraising (Gofundme, Paypal, etc…)

And other things. If you use this please get in touch with us.

External Services

The plug-in can optionally work with both IFTTT and with Stripe.

🕆 Stripe

Currently, the plug-in allows integration with Stripe. When a person signs up as a donor, it will create a stripe customer for the donor and attempt to synchronize the stripe customer details from WordPress to Stripe. We are working on the on-site charging mechanism, at this time you are notified by email the child that a sponsor is interested in, and the user’s email address. If stripe is not enabled, then you are still forwarded a users email when they indicate interest in a child. No card information is handled by the plugin other than contact information. Please note that the stripe API keys are stored right now in clear text, and demonstrated to other administrators and those who have access to the database and backup SQL files.

  • View the Stripe Privacy Policy


If you place an IFTTT web service key and event name, this will call that IFTTT web service upon a person being interested in sponsoring a child. We may in the future expand what can be done through this service. Please note that the IFTTT API keys are stored right now in clear text, and demonstrated to other administrators and those who have access to the database and backup SQL files.

  • View the IFTTT Privacy Policy

Arbitrary section

Above all we hope you come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, He is good.

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