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Parses a ‘Requires Plugins’ header and adds a Dependencies tab in the plugin install page. If a requiring plugin does not have all it’s dependencies installed and active, it will not activate.

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Please open issues at WordPress/wp-plugin-dependencies issues

My solution to #22316. Feature plugin version of PR #1724

  • Parses the Requires Plugins header that defines plugin dependencies using a comma separated list of slugs. To test, you will need to add the header and content to a plugin.
  • Adds a new view/tab to plugins install page ( Plugins > Add New ) titled Dependencies that contains plugin cards for all plugin dependencies.
  • This view also lists which plugins require which plugin dependencies in the plugin card. 😅
  • In the plugins page, a dependent plugin is unable to be deleted or deactivated if the requiring plugin is active.
  • Plugin dependencies can be deactivated or deleted if the requiring plugin is not active.
  • Messaging in the plugin row description is inserted; as is data noting which plugins require the dependency.
  • Displays a single admin notice with link to Plugins > Add New > Dependencies if not all plugin dependencies have been installed.
  • Ensures that plugins with unmet dependencies cannot be activated.
  • If the dependency API data is not available a generic plugin card will be displayed in the Dependencies tab.

There are several single file plugins that may be used for testing in test-plugins/.

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