Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

Mô tả

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg helps you create amazing looking websites using the new WordPress Editor: Gutenberg. All blocks was built with performance in mind. Also all Gutenberg blocks included are RTL ready. The plugin is modular so you can disable the blocks you will not use for faster website performance. Also Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is translation ready so you can easily translate it to your language.

Kindly note that the plugin is on it’s early stages and Gutenberg itself is still not 100% reliable however you will notice that we release weekly updates for enhancements and bug fixes.

Available Elements

  1. Gutenberg Banner Block
  2. Gutenberg Button Block
  3. Gutenberg Counter Block
  4. Gutenberg Dual Heading Block
  5. Gutenberg Icon Block
  6. Gutenberg Maps Block
  7. Gutenberg Pricing Table Block
  8. Gutenberg Section Block
  9. Gutenberg Testimonials Block
  10. Gutenberg Accordion Block
  11. Gutenberg Icon Box Block
  12. Gutenberg Video Box Block
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