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  • The Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin makes it easy to create and publish beautiful pricing tables and comparison tables on your WordPress site. You can build, customize and publish a pricing table in just a few minutes, straight from the post editor, with zero coding required.

View screenshots of WordPress pricing tables built with this plugin.

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Gutenberg Compatible

This plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0’s new block editor (“Gutenberg”). You can build and edit pricing tables directly in the post editor. Also features support for classic editor and page builders.

Easy Pricing Tables Premium

Easy Pricing Tables Premium comes with the following features.

Six Gorgeous Pricing Table Designs.
Comparison Tables.
Fully Customize your Pricing Table (Colors, etc…).
Choose From 15 Font Options.
Add Inline Images to Pricing Tables.
One-Click WooCommerce Integration.
Priority Email Support.
Pricing Toggles (switch between multiple pricing tables – eg. currencies or monthly/yearly pricing.
And much more….

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Tổng quan

Easy Pricing Tables is the first WordPress pricing table plugin built specifically for the block editor.

Building pricing tables on your site has never been easier. Simply add the pricing table block to your post, fill in your prices and features, and publish.

No coding required. Easy Pricing Tables lets anyone create a responsive pricing table in just a few minutes.

Easy Pricing Tables – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Features

  • Build beautiful WordPress pricing tables in minutes.

  • Works with any WordPress theme.

  • Responsive WordPress Pricing Tables – responds to fit any device.

  • Easy Pricing Tables implements conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices and guides you through the process of creating a pricing table that converts.

  • Easy Pricing Tables works with any WordPress theme you have installed. Use the pricing table block to build pricing tables in the post editor, or build in the plugin dashboard and add to your page via shortcode.

  • Gutenberg / WordPress 5.0 compatible. Not just compatible. Easy Pricing Tables is built specifically for the block editor.

  • Intuitive User Interface – building pricing tables has never been easier. Point and click to edit your table.

  • Create unlimited pricing table rows.

  • Customize your pricing table design with color pickers, font pickers and native design settings.

  • Reorder pricing table columns with one click.

  • Featured Column – draw people to your most popular products by highlighting a featured column.

  • Save pricing tables as reusable blocks to add in multiple posts or pages.

  • Shortcode support for use with classic editor and page builders.

  • Add PayPal payment links, Stripe payment links, or any other checkout link to your pricing table buttons.

  • Automatically match column heights to keep rows aligned.

  • Customize text size and formatting with one click.

  • Check out Easy Pricing Tables Premium Support

As this is the lite version of this WordPress pricing table plugin, the only support we offer through these forums is for bugs. Support for questions regarding modifying your pricing tables, writing custom CSS, etc is available for customers of Easy Pricing Tables Premium.

Privacy Disclosure

This plugin does not store any personal data.

Our full privacy policy is available here:

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