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Qi Blocks is the largest collection of Gutenberg blocks developed by one of the most acclaimed WordPress development teams and winners of multiple awards in the field of design, Qode Interactive. The base version of the plugin comes with 48 carefully designed custom blocks with a never-before-seen number of options, while the Qi Blocks Premium gives you a total of 81 flexible, option-rich custom blocks for Gutenberg.

All the blocks and templates bear that authentic aesthetic touch Qode Interactive is known for, all while providing you with a simple and completely flexible way for creating any type of website you set out to.

In addition to this, you can also upgrade your copy of the plugin with the Qi Templates plugin and enhance your website making potential with an astounding collection of 550+ readymade and beautifully designed modern website layouts, including complete website demos, templates, patterns and wireframes.

Open-ended Customization

Not only do you get one of the largest collections of custom blocks for Gutenberg, but you’ll also be presented with an unprecedented number of options for each block. We put special emphasis on customization, allowing you to modify every single aspect of each element, all while keeping the entire experience straightforward, intuitive and easy to manage.

The Largest Collection of Gutenberg Blocks

Qi Blocks plugin comes with typography, infographics, creative, form style, content, business, WooCommerce, SEO and showcase blocks, providing you with a near never-ending supply of website creation possibilities. Each block is built to allow for a huge number of easily applicable modifications you can perform on the fly, ensuring a completely flexible creation of a wide range of modern websites.

Superb Performance

We made sure that the Qi Blocks is super lightweight, optimized and stable, ensuring swift loading times. Moreover, you can make use of on-demand element loading by deactivating the blocks you do not plan to use, thus making this already quick addon even smoother!

Pro Support

If you ever happen to run into any questions or concerns regarding the Qi Blocks or any of its elements, we got you covered! You can check out our Qi Blocks documentation, with all options and features of every block covered in detail. You can also visit the Qode Help Center where you can browse our comprehensive knowledge base or contact our support team and one of our friendly support pros will get back to you ASAP.

Qi Blocks Video Tutorials

Visit the official Qode Interactive YouTube channel here you’ll find a comprehensive set of video tutorials dedicated to Qi Blocks and all its elements. It’s also a practical way to learn how you can achieve more with WordPress, with tons of detailed, user-friendly video user guides. One step at a time, discover more about the WP platform and how you can create stunning websites the easiest way possible.

48 Free Custom Blocks

Here’s an overview of all 48 custom blocks you get with the free version of the plugin:

Typography Custom Blocks:

  • Section Title – Great for creating captivating and fully configurable titles for any section on your website pages.
  • Divider – Easily display your style of visual separators between elements and sections on pages.
  • Button – A custom block ideal for composing fully customizable buttons the easy way.
  • Call to Action – Perfect for creating visually appealing messages for your visitors and encouraging them to take a certain action.
  • Message Boxes – Display informative boxes with important notifications or messages for your visitors. These boxes can be closed if the viewer chooses to do so.
  • Horizontal Tabs – Arrange and organize horizontally aligned tabs with content which you can customize to fit your visual style.
  • Vertical Tabs – Great for displaying vertically laid out tabs with content which you can adapt to fit your aesthetic approach.
  • Accordions and Toggles – Designed for displaying strings of text divided into individual sections that can be expanded when their corresponding titles are clicked on.
  • Icon with Text – A custom block that lets you display icons with some additional textual content which you can customize to fit your visual concept.
  • Advanced Text – For creating sections with fully customizable strings of text on your pages.

Business Custom Blocks:

  • Pricing Table – Create easily adjustable tables for displaying all manner of price lists, tariffs and pricing plans.
  • Clients List – Display a captivating list of your clients or business associates the easy way.
  • Testimonials – Devised for showing testimonials with total ease & in the way you decide.
  • Team – A selection of varied ways to showcase individual members of your team.
  • Info Box – Compose sections with important informative messages for your visitors using simple and fully flexible box templates.
  • Banners – Create banners for displaying important announcements, ads or anything else you wish to draw the attention of your visitors to.
  • Blog List – Great way to display a captivating list with your blog posts in a number of visually appealing manners.

Infographics Custom Blocks:

  • Counters – Great for showing all your important numbers in fully customizable and captivating counter layouts.
  • Radial Progress Bar – For featuring neat visual representations of operation progressions.
  • Horizontal Progress Bar – Showcase progressions of all types of processes in fully customizable horizontally laid out progress bars.
  • Vertical Progress Bar – Create presentations for all sorts of process progressions in easily configurable vertically arranged progress bar layouts.
  • Process – A clear and intuitive way to display any type of process divided by stages in a visually appealing manner.

Showcase Custom Blocks:

  • Timeline Showcase – A simple and intuitive way to display visually appealing chronological lists of events.
  • Countdown – Announce anything you wish by displaying eye-catching countdowns to a date you input.
  • Image Gallery – A straightforward way to display your images in easily configurable eye-catching galleries.
  • Image Slider – Present your images in captivating, fully configurable slider layouts.
  • Masonry Image Gallery – Show off your images in easily configurable captivating masonry-styled galleries.
  • Pinterest Image Gallery – Exhibit your images in easily configurable captivating pinterest-styled galleries.
  • Single Image – Create easily configurable individual image displays on your website pages.

Creative Custom Blocks:

  • Cards Gallery – Display interactive presentations with multiple images set on top of each other; once an image from the stack is clicked on, it moves to the top.
  • Parallax Image Showcase – Perfect for composing visually attractive sections with images that move independently at different speeds on scroll.
  • Text Marquee – Easily create sections with customizable auto-scrolling text.

WooCommerce Custom Blocks:

  • Product List – Display beautiful and easily adjustable lists containing products you wish to showcase.

SEO Custom Blocks:

  • FAQs – A custom block great for displaying fully customizable sections for frequently asked questions and topics.
  • How-to Schema – Create step-by step tutorials and how-to’s with automatically generating JSON schema sections inserted into code.
  • Table of Contents – For displaying neatly structured tables of contents with one-click one-page navigation.

Form Style Custom Blocks:

  • Contact Form 7 – For creating a wide variety of fully flexible contact forms using the free Contact Form 7 plugin.

Content Custom Blocks:

  • Advanced Columns – Specifically developed for creating easily customizable columns to which you can add your content.
  • Spacer – A simple way to add easily adjustable vertical breaks between sections on your pages.
  • Author Info – Designed for displaying captivating presentations for authors on your website.
  • Post Title – Easily display configurable titles of posts on your website.
  • Post Date – Show easily configurable dates of posts on your website.
  • Post Author – A straightforward way to display the authors of posts on your website.
  • Comments Template – Designed so you can show easily adjustable comment templates on your website.
  • Post Terms – Display post terms or taxonomy items related to your posts.
  • Categories – A practical way to display a list of post categories on your website.
  • Tag Cloud – A neat way to display previously created tags of your choosing in a number of ways.
  • Search – Designed for displaying easily configurable search bars.

33 Premium Custom Blocks

Check out the complete list of widgets you get with Qi Blocks Premium:

Premium Typography Custom Blocks:

  • Drop Caps – Introduce your paragraphs & strings of text by featuring a decorative initial letter which you can fully adapt.
  • Typeout Text – Feature smoothly animated type out text sections anywhere on your pages.
  • Animated Text – Designed for displaying visually engaging sections with animated textual content.
  • Highlighted Text – Accentuate certain words or parts of your text the way you choose.
  • Blockquote – A simple way to display eye-catching quotes and style them the way you choose.
  • Info Button – Great for creating buttons that contain a bit of extra information displayed directly on the button.

Premium Business Custom Blocks:

  • Pricing List – For displaying easily customizable lists containing items you have for sale and their prices.
  • Working Hours – A great and intuitive way to display your business’ working hours in a number easily styled manners.
  • Clients Carousel – Showcase your clients or business partners in fully customizable carousel slider layouts.
  • Testimonials Carousel – Display testimonials in eye-catching carousel slider layouts.
  • Interactive Banners – Designed for creating visually striking banners that your website visitors can interact with.
  • Blog Carousel – A custom block for displaying your blog posts in eye-catching carousel slider layouts.
  • Data Table – An easy way to display fully adjustable tables containing all types of data.
  • Google Map – A simple way to display an easily editable Google Map with a customizable location pin for multiple addresses.

Premium Infographics Custom Blocks:

  • Graphs – Compose captivating and fully customizable graphs containing all sorts of data.
  • Pie and Donut Charts – Display fully customizable pie charts or donut charts in a simple and completely intuitive manner.

Premium Showcase Custom Blocks:

  • Item Showcase – Make detailed showcases for items of any sort; you can display an item image with customizable informative sections with your content arranged around the image.
  • Before/After Comparison Slider – Create an interactive presentation containing two images and a draggable handle which reveals the left/right image when mouse-dragged.
  • Dual Image with Content – Easily display sections that contain two images, one placed over the other, with some accompanying content next to them.
  • Cards Slider – Create interactive slider presentations with multiple images stacked on top of each other; when slides change, the bottom image moves to the top of the stack.
  • Image Hotspots – The easy way to create an image showcase section which contains multiple interactive hotspots which reveal tooltip information when hovered on.
  • Content Menu – Display sections containing menus which you can fully customize with ease.
  • Advanced Navigation – A practical way to display your menus in a vast number of easily configurable appearance styles.

Premium Creative Custom Blocks:

  • Device Frame Slider – Create visually appealing slider presentations with images displayed inside predefined or custom device-styled image frames.
  • Device Frame Carousel – Display remarkable carousel presentations with multiple items containing images fitted inside device-styled frames.
  • Preview Slider – For creating slider presentations with two image slides displayed simultaneously, one of which is placed on top of the other inside a mobile device-styled image frame.
  • Interactive Links – Create captivating and fully configurable interactive showcases with textual content and corresponding images.
  • Slider Switch – For creating visually appealing slider presentations with two images displayed inside predefined or custom device-styled image frames.

Premium WooCommerce Custom Blocks:

  • Product Slider – Showcase your products in eye-catching and fully adaptable slider layouts.
  • Product Category List – Display visually attractive and fully flexible lists with your products designated to a specific category of your choice.
  • Add to Cart Button – Perfect for creating customizable add to cart buttons for your products.
  • Rating – Easily display a fully customizable star-styled rating with 5 degrees.

Premium Form Style Custom Blocks:

  • WPForms – Display a wide variety of fully flexible contact forms using the free Contact Form by WPForms plugin.

Documentation & Support

  • Check out our step-by-step user guide on how to install and use Qi Blocks.
  • You can also submit a topic to the support forum at and our support team will be glad to help you out.
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