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RSVPMaker is an event and email marketing tool. For events, it handles scheduling, event marketing, and RSVP tracking. You can send email to small lists through your web server or take advantage of the integrations with Postmark and Mailchimp to scale up.

Use RSVPMaker to:
* Schedule and promote events of all sorts: conferences, classes, seminars, speaking events, parties and weddings are a few common uses.
* Register attendees, prompting them to enter whatever information you need, including the names of guests.
* Collect money using PayPal or Stripe.
* Create webinars and other online events leveraging free resources like the YouTube Live service.
* Create, format, and edit email newsletters within the WordPress block editor, rather than learning another content composer tool. Use dynamic blocks or shortcodes to incorporate dynamic content like lists of recent blog posts or upcoming events.
* Power membership-oriented websites with tools for emailing all your members or just those who have or have not registered for a specific event.
* Send email using your own web server, an SMTP plugin or the integration with Mailchimp.
* New Postmark integration has the advantage of supporting both broadcast / mailing list and transactional messages (like RSVP Confirmations). Postmark integration turns the RSVP Mail tool more of a full-fledged alternative to Mailchimp or MailPoet. Contact the plugin author for details about additional customizations for reselling Postmark services across WordPress multisite networks and managing forwarders and email discussion lists through the WordPress dashbboard. A premium plugin including these services is under development.

The plugin author is available to consult on customizations, but most generally useful enhancements are folded back into the core plugin code. RSVPMaker also aims to be developer-friendly, allowing you to build event-centric applications on top of it.

Creating and Managing Events

RSVPMaker events are created and edited just like blog posts in the WordPress editor, with the addition of parameters like event date (so the items can be listed chronologically and displayed on a calendar grid). Supports the Gutenberg editor as well as the classic WordPress editor.

You can use RSVPMaker for event announcements, or turn on the Collect RSVPs function and set additional options for sending email notifications, customizing confirmation and reminder messages, and setting a price or prices if you will be requesting online payments via PayPal.

RSVP reports can be viewed on the administrator’s dashboard or downloaded as spreadsheets.

If you hold events on a recurring schedule, such as First Monday or Every Friday, you can define a template with the boilerplate details and quickly generate multiple entries that follow that schedule. Individual event posts can still be customized. For example, you might book a series of monthly events for the year and add the names of speakers or agenda details as you go along.

The RSVP Mailer tool allows you to use the familiar WordPress editor to format email newsletters and promotional messages, which can include embedded events and other dynamic content from your website. You use the same tools to format transactional messages such as confirmation and reminder messages.

Here’s a demo of editing emails and creating email templates.
RSVPMaker on GitHub

Free Extensions:

RSVPMaker for Toastmasters provides meeting management for public speaking and leadership development clubs that are part of Toastmasters International.

RSVPMaker Volunteer Roles Sign up people to fill specific roles at an event.

Translations (some may be out of date):

German: Markus König, Björn Wilkens

Dutch: Els van der Zalm

Spanish: Andrew Kurtis, WebHostingHub

Polish: Jarosław Żeliński

Norwegian: Thomas Nybø

Turkish: Göksel UÇAK

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Copyright (C) 2010-2021 David F. Carr

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

See the GNU General Public License at <>.

RSVPMaker also includes code derived from the software development kits for PayPal, 
Stripe and MailChimp under the license of their creators. Inlining of CSS code in
the HTML of email messages provided by the [Emogrifier]( library.
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