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The silver economy includes all those economic activities, products and services designed to meet the needs of people over 50. This concept, derived from the so-called silver market that emerged in Japan, — the country with the highest percentage of people over 65 — during the 1970s to refer to the senior market, brings together sectors as diverse as health, banking, automotive, energy, housing, telecommunications, leisure and tourism, among others.

One of the keys to the silver economy will be in technological innovation. Advances in home automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), eHealth and other services typical of smart cities, arouse the interest of a public that is mature but that is too young to feel old. Below we review the features that best define the consumers of the silver economy:

  • They have high purchasing power and are free of economic burdens.
  • They use their time to do what they always wanted: to travel, enjoy new experiences, give themselves a treat, etc.
  • They are active people who like to take care of themselves, play sports, eat well, be fashionable and have fun.
  • They are loyal to their brands, consume more than young people and require more specific and personalised products and services.
  • They have more free time and like to take advantage of it with cultural and leisure activities.


The silver economy still has many challenges to overcome today in order to become a true driver of the economy, but the economy of the future will be led by older people and will have the qualities listed below, among others:


The economy is glocalising and in the coming decades it will be common for companies to think globally and act locally.


The economy of the future will have to correct the imbalances of globalisation in order to manage a just transition and distribute wealth more equitably.


The internet and new technologies will play a leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will be the centre of business innovation and the gateway to international markets.


Economic activities will seek ways to reduce the wastage of raw materials and resources such as food, water, technology and energy by boosting the circular economy.


With the creation of green jobs, the green economy will contribute to social equity, improve welfare and reduce resource scarcity and environmental risks.


The economy of the future will be more caring because it will encourage the exchange of products and services for shared benefit.


The European Commission predicts that in addition to generating billions in profits, the silver economy will significantly contribute to job creation and the European Union’s (EU) gross value added (GVA) by 2025. Below, we analyse the main opportunities offered by the silver economy:

  • Silverisation of sectors. New products and services will emerge on the market adapted to the needs of older people. To achieve this, it will be important to rely on gerontechnology, which is the area of technology that studies human ageing.
  • A boost to new professions. The ageing of the population will lead to the creation of jobs and the emergence of careers related to the silver economy, for example in the area of care for the elderly.
  • Investment in strategic plans. The rise of the senior economy will encourage governments to invest in solutions that improve health care and the independence of the elderly, for example.

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