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Stop spam emails, spam comments, spam registration, and spam bots and spammers in general. Run diagnostic tests, view activity, and much more with this well-maintained, mature plugin.

Stop Spammers adds security that should kill off many of your spam worries straight out-of-the-box. Because every website is different (especially if you have integrated a payment gateway), we offer dozens of features you can leverage to meet your website’s specific needs. Our 50+ configuration options make personalization easy.

Get even more options with Stop Spammers Premium.


Extremely granular control, so that any variety of website can create a special custom cocktail just for their particular spam issues:

  • Block suspicious behavior
  • Block spam words, disposable emails, URL shortener links, TLDs and more
  • Connect third-party spam defense services
  • Block countries
  • Block/allow IPs, emails, and usernames manually
  • Hide admin notices permanently
  • Allow users to request access and send email when allow list request is approved
  • Members-only mode
  • Core forms CAPTCHA
  • So much more…
  • Server-level firewall protection (Premium Only)
  • Themed registration/login pages and menu links (Premium Only)
  • Brute force login protection (Premium Only)
  • Notification control (Premium Only)
  • Import/export settings (Premium Only)
  • Export log to Excel (Premium Only)
  • Restore default settings (Premium Only)
  • Contact Form 7 protection (Premium Only)
  • Built-in contact form (Premium Only)

We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the project through donations, feedback, and bug reporting. Every little bit goes a long way.

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