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The easy way to create your own website.

The Twentig plugin helps you customize your block theme and build stunning pages — no coding or design skills needed.

With enhanced Gutenberg blocks, pre-designed templates, block patterns, additional global styles, and Google Fonts that you can self-host, you’ve got everything you need to build a beautiful website that looks great on any device.

Do more with Gutenberg blocks.

Twentig enhances the existing Gutenberg blocks — taking the WordPress block editor to a new level of design and creativity.

Powerful Gutenberg block features. Twentig provides alternative styles, additional block settings, and CSS classes. From column style to group shape divider to typography settings, you have the best tools to customize the Gutenberg blocks.

Block customization made easy. We’ve added the right amount of features to the Gutenberg core blocks. So you can easily customize your blocks to fit your needs with just a few clicks.

Build your website with ready-to-use templates.

Twentig brings hundreds of pre-designed block patterns and page templates — making it easier and faster than ever to create stunning pages.

Flexible block templates. Choose from a variety of versatile block patterns and page templates that you can mix and match to fit your project. Our block template library is designed to enable a wide range of uses and endless design possibilities.

Professional design. Our templates are responsive and give your pages a professional look right from the start.

Customize Twenty Twenty-Two or any block theme.

With its powerful features, Twentig helps you customize the Twenty Twenty-Two theme or any block theme built for full site editing.

Advanced global styles. Easily change the look and feel of your website with our additional global styles. Customize the fonts using the Google Fonts of your choice that you can host locally on your server. Change the website’s layout by editing the content width.

Enhanced theme blocks. Twentig extends the Gutenberg blocks that structure your entire site with advanced settings like navigation breakpoint, responsive logo width, menu icon, post excerpt length, featured image aspect ratio, and many more.

Additional block patterns. Twentig lets you quickly build your blog, header, and footer with pre-built block patterns.

Using the Twenty Twenty-One or Twenty Twenty theme?

If you prefer to use the Customizer instead of full site editing, Twentig offers advanced options to customize the Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Twenty themes.

Advanced theme customization. From post grid to sidebar to sticky menu to header & footer layouts, our plugin provides endless ways to enhance your WordPress theme. Change the design of your website by customizing the fonts (Google Fonts), site layout, global styles, 404 page, and more.

Custom page templates. Control the look of your entire page with our page templates. Remove the page title, header & footer, or set a transparent header. Now you can use Gutenberg blocks to create a custom hero, landing page, coming soon page, and more.

Starter websites. Instead of starting from scratch, you can quickly import one of Twentig’s Starter Websites.

Twentig features list

Check out the screenshots to see how Twentig can transform your theme and the Gutenberg blocks.


Inside the Site Editor (Appearance > Editor), you can find additional style options in the Twentig Styles section:

  • Font options to let you select additional font families from the Google Fonts catalog
  • Option to host Google Fonts locally
  • Content width
  • Wide width
  • Predefined spacing styles for easy page building


  • Navigation: responsive breakpoint, menu icon, menu icon size, hover style, active style, button styles
  • Site Logo: image width on mobile
  • Query Loop: vertical alignment, block spacing, responsive column width
  • Post Title: typography options
  • Post Excerpt: max number of words
  • Post Featured Image: styles (rounded, shadow, frame), image aspect ratio, shapes, black & white filter
  • Post Tags and Post Categories: styles (outline, pill, hashtag, plain)
  • Post Author: link to author archive, inline layout, avatar shape
  • Pagination: page numbers styles (circle, square, plain), previous page and next page styles (pill, square)
  • Previous Post and Next Post: styles (stack, arrow)
  • Archive Title: option to hide the prefix


  • Gutenberg core blocks: top margin and bottom margin, responsive visibility
  • Group: shadow, shape divider
  • Columns: responsive layout, text alignment
  • Column: styles (shadow, hard shadow, top border), stretched link
  • Media & Text: styles (shadow, overlap), responsive layout, reverse stack order, stretched link, full height
  • Cover: styles (shadow, inner border, rounded), aspect ratio, shapes, stretched link, hover effect
  • Heading: typography options, decoration
  • Paragraph: typography options
  • List: styles (dash, checkmark, arrow, border, no bullet, inline), spacing
  • Separator: styles (asterisks, dotted, dashed), width, height
  • Image: styles (rounded, shadow, frame, border), shapes, black & white filter
  • Gallery: stack variation, styles (rounded, frame), fixed width columns, image aspect ratio, vertical alignment, responsive layout, caption size, border, black & white filter
  • YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Video blocks: style (frame)
  • Social Icons: hover effect
  • Quote and Pullquote: additional styles
  • Table: styles (border, inner border), vertical alignment
  • Tag Cloud: style (pill)
  • Search: style (underline)


Hundreds of Gutenberg block patterns and pre-designed page templates grouped by following categories:

  • Columns
  • Text and Image
  • Text
  • Hero
  • Cover
  • Call to Action
  • List
  • Numbers, Stats
  • Gallery
  • Video, Audio
  • Contact
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Logos, Clients
  • Pricing
  • FAQ
  • Events, Schedule
  • Query (block themes)
  • Headers (block themes)
  • Footers (block themes)
  • Pages (Homepage, About, Services, Contact)
  • Single Page

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