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Important: This plugin requires PHP 7.0 or higher and LearnDash 3.3 or higher.

The Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash adds 16 modules that every elearning site needs, including a login form, login redirect, resume capabilities and more. Trusted to power over 30,000+ LearnDash sites, it’s the easiest way to improve the learning experience for your students. Translation ready and multisite capable!

The Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash adds the following features to your LearnDash site:

  • Front End Login: Replace the default WordPress login form with a clean, modern login form that you can add to any branded page. Also supports front end password reset with a custom email. User verification can be enabled to require registrations be approved by an administrator.
  • Hide Admin Bar: Hide the WordPress admin bar for specific user roles.
  • LearnDash Resume Button: Allow users to pick up where they left off in a LearnDash course by clicking a button.
  • Login/Logout Redirects: Redirect learners to a specific URL after signing in or out of the site.
  • Menu Item Visibility: Control the visibility of menu entries based on whether or not the user is signed in.
  • Show or Hide Content: Use shortcodes to show or hide content based on whether or not a user is signed in. Great for Open course types.
  • Log In/Log Out Links: Add Log In and Log Out links to menus, or to any page or widget with a shortcode. If you have been frustrated by signed in users seeing Login links, this will help.
  • Topics Autocomplete Lessons: Automatically mark lessons complete when all topics and quizzes for that lesson are marked complete.
  • Quiz completion advances to next step: Automatically advance to the next step when user clicks “Click here to continue” on final quiz page of a lesson/topic.
  • User Switching: View courses and the rest of your site as a specific user without requiring their password.
  • LearnDash Breadcrumbs: Add breadcrumb links that support courses, lessons, topics and quizzes. Also supports WooCommerce, custom post types and more.
  • LearnDash Certificate Widget: Display all the certificates a learner has earned using a widget.
  • Not Enrolled Redirect: Redirect users to a specific URL if they are not enrolled in a course.
  • Show LearnDash Certificates: Use a simple shortcode to display a list of all certificates (course and quiz) earned by the current user.
  • LearnDash Groups in User Profiles: Easily identify LearnDash Group membership from user profile pages.
  • Disable Emails: Easily disable all outgoing emails when troubleshooting issues.

We welcome contributions to the Uncanny Toolkit! The plugin is managed in a Bitbucket Repository.

Ready to take your LearnDash site even further?

The Pro version of the Uncanny Toolkit adds a continuously expanding list of powerful features (27 at last count!) to the Toolkit. These include:

  • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics
  • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Forms Submission
  • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Quiz Results Page
  • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics when Quiz is Graded
  • Days Until Course Expiry
  • Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group
  • Duplicate Pages & Posts
  • Enhanced Course Grid
  • Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid
  • Enhanced LearnDash CSV Reports
  • Import Users
  • Improved Group Leader Interface
  • Course Dashboard
  • Certificate Preview
  • Email Course Certificates
  • Email Quiz Certificates
  • Group Expiration
  • Group Forums with bbPress
  • Group Login Redirect
  • Group Logo/List
  • Group Registration
  • Lazy Loading Course Navigation
  • Learner Transcript
  • Reset Progress Button
  • Restrict Page Access
  • Simple Course Timer
  • Single Page Courses

Uncanny Automator

If you like the Uncanny Toolkit, you’ll love Uncanny Automator, now FREE! Create better experiences for your users by connecting LearnDash to dozens of other plugins and services or by creating personal learning paths for your learners.

More LearnDash Plugins!

Uncanny Owl offers a full suite of plugins that extend the LearnDash platform and make it easier to build and manage a great learning experience. Here are a few:

  • Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash: Add support for your SCORM and Tin Can modules inside WordPress as well as powerful drill-down LearnDash reports.
  • Uncanny Groups for LearnDash: Make it easy for your customers and member organizations to manage their learners in the front end, track their progress with powerful reports, and buy courses and course licenses.
  • Uncanny Codes for LearnDash: An easier way to get your learners into LearnDash Groups or courses. Generate codes that can be used by learners to self-enrol into LearnDash groups and courses when they register, make a purchase, or are simply signed in.
  • Uncanny Continuing Education Credits: Track, report on and award LearnDash certificates for completion of multiple courses or based on course credits.

Follow Uncanny Owl for updates about our latest LearnDash enhancements on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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