Virtue/Ascend/Pinnacle Toolkit

Mô tả

Custom Portfolio and Shortcode functionality for free Virtue, Ascend, and Pinnacle WordPress themes

Not intended to work with any other themes.


  • Included Shortcodes

    • Columns
    • Dividers
    • Accordions
    • Tabs
    • Quotes and Block Quotes
    • Buttons
    • Icons
    • Responsive Youtube
    • Responsive Vimeo
  • Portfolio Post Type – included metabox options for post sliders and three post layout options.

  • Contact Form Page Template – includes page template that has options for a google map and a contact form.

  • Gallery Styling for WordPress Gallery – this allows the Kadence Theme to override the WordPress gallery with theme specific styling. You can turn this off in the theme options > misc settings.

  • Gallery Metaboxs for post and pages – allows for a gallery to be added to a post for a post slider or page for page slider using the featured template.

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