WE Blocks – Image, Testimonial And Logo Slider Gutenberg Blocks

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The WE Blocks plugin is great combo of slider blocks. It includes Posts slider, Image slider, Testimonials slider and Client Logo slider block. Blocks are an awesome new way of creating rich content in WordPress and this plugin will further ease your life to add sliders on your site. It makes it easier to create responsive, customizable Posts/Image/Testimonial/Logo sliders in the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Plugin Features

  • Posts Slider
    This plugins contains slider posts blocks which will allows you to show your wordpress posts as slider (Gutenberg). It has all the necessary option that will help you to change slider style.

  • Image Slider
    Just add multiple images and it will appear as a slider.

  • Testimonials Slider
    Insert testimonial, Add profile picture, author name, author position into the Testimonials Slider. You can also decide number of Testimonials to appear in slider.

  • Logo Slider
    Just add multiple logos and it will appear as a slider. You can also decide number of logos to appear in slider.

Posts Slider Features

*Shows posts as slider
*Options to show Post Author, Publish date and Excerpt also.
*Easily change the number of posts
*Easily increase and decrease spacing between slides
*Posts categories selection
*slider sorting option

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