Wicked Block Conditions

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Wicked Block Conditions is a powerful tool for creating conditional blocks. A conditional block is a block that can be shown (or hidden) if the conditions you define are met. For example, you can create blocks that are only shown to logged-in users (great for membership sites).

Define simple conditions or combine conditions into groups using and/or operators for more complex scenarios.

Show or hide blocks based on:

  • User login status
  • User role
  • Date and time
  • Post categories or tags
  • Post status
  • The value of a query string parameter
  • The result of a custom PHP function


  • Show or hide any block using conditions
  • Specify an unlimited number of conditions
  • Combine conditions with “and” or “or” operators
  • Group conditions to create complex display rules
  • Works with any Gutenberg block including third-party blocks


Please see the FAQ section below for common questions. Visit the support forum if you have a question or need help.

About Wicked Plugins

Wicked Plugins specializes in crafting high-quality, reliable plugins that extend WordPress in powerful ways while being simple and intuitive to use. We’re full-time developers who know WordPress inside and out and our customer happiness engineers offer friendly support for all our products. Visit our website to learn more about us.

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