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Use Widget Context to show and hide widgets on certain sections of your site — front page, posts, pages, archives, search, etc. Use targeting by URLs (with wildcard support) for maximum flexibility.

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Widget visibility can be configured under individual widget settings under “Appearance → Widgets” in your WordPress administration area or through the widget editing interface in the Customizer.

Target by URL

The “Target by URL” is a powerful feature for targeting sections of your website based on the request URLs. It was inspired by a similar feature in the Drupal CMS.

Use relative URLs such as page/sub-page instead of absolute URLs https://example.com/page/sub-page because relative URLs are more flexible and make the logic portable between different domains and server environments.


Use the wildcard symbol * for matching dynamic parts of the URL. For example:

  • topic/widgets/* to match all posts in the widgets category, if your permalink structure is set to /topic/%category%/%postname%.

  • page-slug/* to match all child pages of the page-slug parent page.

  • Use a trailing ?* to capture URL with all query arguments such as utm_source, etc. For example, for every blog/post-slug also include blog/post-slug?*.

Exclude by URL

Specify URLs to ignore even if they’re matched by any of the other context rules. For example, enter example/sub-page to hide a widget on this page even when “All Posts” is selected under “Global Sections”.

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