WooLentor – Elementor WooCommerce Builder Addons, Variation Swatches Addons, Quick View, Wishlist, Products Compare, Product Filter – All in One Solution

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If you own a WooCommerce website, you’ll almost certainly want to use these capabilities: Woo Builder (Elementor WooCommerce Builder), product compare or Products Comparison table, woocommerce order notifications, woocommerce slider addons, woo recently viewed products widget, Sold out count, Woocommerce variation swatches module, custom product archive builder, woocommerce product quick view, out of stock label customization, count sold product, flash sale countdown, wishlist, etc.

By using WooLentor – Elementor WooCommerce Builder, you will get all in one plugin.

Have you ever searched for a WooCommerce Addons plugin for Elementor Page Builder or WooCommerce template builder for an online store that does not look ordinary like most of the stores out there? WooLentor is an all-in-one solution that will not only give you complete control over the WooCommerce page designs but also provide you with several features.

The plugin comes with a powerful WooCommerce page builder for Elementor, allowing you to effortlessly design all WooCommerce pages from scratch using the Elementor page builder. As a result, you no longer have to rely on the default page designs of WooCommerce.

WooLentor gives you the flexibility to design a custom Shop and Product details page using the free version of the plugin. The rest of the pages are also customizable with the pro version. Furthermore, WooLentor offers a plethora of Elementor widgets with extensive customization options that you can leverage for creating your store as per your needs.

Apart from a large number of widgets, there are plenty of useful functionalities available in the form of modules. For example, product comparison, wishlist, quick view, Shopify style checkout, flash sale countdown, and so on. The main purpose of these modules is to offer the users as many options as users would need to enhance their website further. That way, they don’t have to look for another third-party plugin just for a single feature.

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Elementor WooCommerce Woo Builder Includes

🛍️ WooCommerce Elementor widgets.
🛍️ Single Product page builder.
🛍️ Custom Product Template Builder for Individual Product. (Pro)
🛍️ Shop / Archive page builder.
🛍️ Individual Archive Page Builder. (Pro)
🛍️ Cart / Checkout / My account / WooCommerce custom thank you page builder. (Pro)

You can see the plugin demo here 👉 Live Demo

❤️ Free Features:

  • WooCommerce Template Builder
  • Woocommerce Product Grid
  • Woocommerce Responsive Grid
  • WooCommerce Product List
  • WooCommerce Product Sort
  • Shopify style checkout page or Shopify like checkout
  • Woocommerce Product Slider Addon/widget
  • WooCommerce Featured Slider
  • Woocommerce Product Compare / Products Comparison table
  • Woocommerce Product wishlist
  • Woocommerce Product Tab
  • Grid and list view WooCommerce
  • Action Buttons in different Positions
  • Customize WooCommerce Buttons Color
  • Sales countdown WooCommerce addon / Discount Schedule Counter
  • WooCommerce image gallery
  • Enable / Disable Product Gallery
  • Unlimited Color and font Variations.
  • WooCommerce Slider Control Options
  • WooCommerce variation swatches module
  • Woocommerce Live Sales Notifications (Real)
  • Woocommerce Sales Notification (Custom)
  • Rename labels / WooCommerce Text / WooCommerce add custom text.
  • WooCommerce Upsell widget
  • WooCommerce Cross-sell widget
  • WooCommerce Related Products widget (Custom Related Products Layout, Disable/Remove/Hide related products.
  • WooCommerce category carousel / WooCommerce category showcase / WooCommerce product category slider
  • Call for Price
  • Suggest Price
  • Special Day offer banner
  • Product QR Code
  • Archive page with Pagination
  • Product Share Widget
  • Multi-language Support
  • Works with free Elementor and WooComemrce
  • Custom WooCommerce Product Template Builder
  • Product Grid (Curvy)
  • Product Accordion Listing
  • Product Image Accordion
  • Shop Page Builder
  • AJAX Search Widget
  • WordPress post or WooCommerce Product Duplicator
  • Single product AJAX Add to Cart (In Product Detail Page)
  • Horizontal WooCommerce Product Filter Demo
  • Vertical WooCommerce Product Filter Demo
  • WooCommerce Template Library (Basic)
  • Product Reviews widget for WooCommerce
  • Free WooCommerce Themes

🔥 Premium Features:

✅ 91 WooCommerce Elementor widgets
✅ 19 WooCommerce Modules
✅ Custom WooCommerce Product Template Builder for Individual Product
✅ Individual Archive Page Builder / Template Builder
✅ WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor / Manager
✅ Custom Cart Page Builder / Template Builder
✅ Custom Checkout Page Builder / Template Builder
✅ Custom My Account Page Builder / Template Builder
✅ Custom thank you page for woocommerce.
✅ WooCommerce Pre Order Module
✅ WooCommerce Partial Payment
✅ WooCommerce Multi step checkout
✅ Product variation swatches for WooCommerce
✅ Product Size Chart
✅ Recently Viewed Products
✅ Side Mini Cart / Cart Drawer
✅ Redirect to checkout page (Direct Checkout)
✅ GTM Conversion Tracking (Google Tag Manager) with Data layer
✅ Sticky Add to cart
✅ Template Library
✅ 15 Product Custom Template Layouts ( Deafult + Invidual)
✅ 5 Premium WooCommerce Themes
✅ WooCommerce Template Builder (Advanced)
✅ Access to our premium Udemy Couse for WooCommerce (On Request)
✅ Phone Call Support
✅ Premium Support
✅ Zoom/Skype/TeamViewer Support
✅ Free Store Setup (Maximum 2)

WooCommerce Checkout Page Customization and Field Editor (Pro)
WooLentor Pro allows us to customize the checkout page to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. Sometimes, a custom checkout page is necessary for an eCommerce store. WooLentor Pro makes it easy. Besides creating a custom checkout page, WooLentor allows removing or editing checkout page fields (billing and shopping fields).

By creating a custom Elementor WooCommerce Checkout page template according to your needs, you can get rid of the default Checkout page layout of WooCommerce. To help you achieve this, WooLentor – Elementor WooCommerce Addon offers loads of Elementor WooCommerce builder widgets specifically designed to create a custom Elementor WooCommerce Checkout page design.

If you want to improve customer experience through the checkout page of your store, you can utilize these WooCommerce checkout widgets that enable you to do things like WooCommerce checkout customization, customize WooCommerce checkout page, customize checkout WooCommerce, Elementor WooCommerce checkout customization, etc. Furthermore, the plugin comes with several beautifully designed pre-built WooCommerce checkout templates that will allow you to create a custom checkout page within a minute.

Customize WooCommerce Single Product Template
WooLentor allows us to create a custom single product template. Create a unique design for your product page. The free version has the option to create a common product page template, and the pro version allows you to create different WooCommerce single templates for various WooCommerce single product pages.

⭐ Available Widgets:

General Widgets

Product Tabs – Display your products in a tabbed format based on different categories. With the help of this Elementor WooCommerce product tabs widget or WooCommerce category tabs widget, you can dynamically list your products category wise in various WooCommerce category tabs. It even allows you to choose which WooCommerce product categories you want to display as tabs.

Furthermore, you can filter what type of products to showcase under a single WooCommerce product category or multiple WooCommerce product categories. For example, WooCommerce category recent products.

Other noteworthy features of this Elementor WooCommerce widget include controlling the WooCommerce product layout, the number of products to show, the WooCommerce category list, the customization of WooCommerce product ordering, etc.

Product Grid – Display your products within a WooCommerce responsive grid layout with the WooCommerce product grid widget. This Elementor WooCommerce builder widget offers 5 different WooCommerce grid layouts to showcase your products in a responsive grid for WooCommerce store. Apart from choosing a layout, you can control which products to display and how to display them in a WooCommerce product grid based on multiple query settings such as product type, product categories, product order, and so on.

Since the Elementor WooCommerce widget enables store owners to display their products in a responsive grid for WooCommerce stores, rest assured that the products will look great no matter which device visitors use to browse the store. If you prefer using the WooCommerce grid, WooCommerce grid layout, or WooCommerce responsive grid, this WooCommerce product grid widget will be tremendously helpful.

If you are interested in displaying your products in an eye-catching WooCommerce slider or WooCommerce products slider, you can do so simply by enabling an option. After activating the WooCommerce product slider option, this Elementor WooCommerce widget product slideshow, WooCommerce widget product slider, or product carousel WooCommerce widget will display your products in a wonderful WooCommerce product slider or WooCommerce slideshow.

Add Banner – Create a banner section and control the style and layout of the banner.

Special Day Offer Banner – Create a captivating banner with engaging offer texts to make an offer for woocommerce store on any special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. There are many special days like Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween. Discounts and hot offers can increase store sales these days. A wonderful Elementor banner can grab the attention of visitors and sometimes it increases a 15-30% conversion rate. Recently, we have added an Elementor WooCommerce widget for adding a special day offer.

Image marker – Image marker – Describe specific parts of a product by adding multiple markers to the image of that particular product. This WooCommerce marker widget will also let you display detailed information about various parts of an image via tooltip options that can be seen by hovering over the WooCommerce markers. Besides, you can include as many WooCommerce hotspot markers, WooCommerce markers, or WooCommerce product tooltips as you want in an image.

This way, you can engage with your store visitors by giving them a visual representation of a product where they can see detailed information about different parts of it. All they need to do is hover over a WooCommerce hotspot / WooCommerce marker. It will help them decide whether or not to purchase a product.

Universal Product Layouts for WooCommerce – Create your own customized layout to display your products from several different options available in this Elementor WooCommerce builder widget. You can also choose from a selection of WooCommerce product layouts to better match your website’s look and feel.

That’s not all; The Universal Product Layout widget of WooLentor can also be used as a WooCommerce product slider plugin, Woocommerce widget product slider, Woocommerce widget product slideshow, WooCommerce slider addons, or product slider for WooCommerce using which you can add a product carousel WooCommerce, WooCommerce carousel, WooCommerce product carousel, WooCommerce products carousel, Elementor WooCommerce product carousel slider, Woocommerce products slider, or Woocommerce slider to your WooCommerce store.

Another fantastic fact about this Elementor WooCommerce builder widget is that it offers a useful option that allows showing WooCommerce products in different product layouts for WooCommerce. For example, WooCommerce slider, WooCommerce tab, and WooCommerce grid.

Aside from that, you can choose what type of WooCommerce products to display in your store, such as WooCommerce featured products, WooCommerce category recent products, best selling products, top rated products, products on sale, and so on.

For example, if you want to display only the featured products in a WooCommerce products carousel or WooCommerce product slider, this Elementor WooCommerce widget can help you achieve that by giving you the ability to create a WooCommerce featured products slider or WooCommerce featured product slider. You can also manage the featured product by category or category name.

WooCommerce Category List – WooCommerce category list widget helps you to show categories vertically and horizontally. There are several styles that you can choose from like category icon/image, and the number of products in the category. This helps visitors to understand how much product you have in the specific category. Control the WooCommerce product category list style according to your requirements.

WooCommerce Category Carousel / Slider / Grid – The product categories of your WooCommerce store can be represented in a WooCommerce category slider or WooCommerce category carousel. This is an elegant way to showcase WooCommerce product categories and subcategories on your website. WooCommerce Category Carousel is a powerful Elementor WooCommerce builder widget by WooLentor that helps you add a WooCommerce category slider, WooCommerce categories slider, or category slider for WooCommerce. You can also control the WooCommerce category carousel according to your requirements.

WooCommerce Category Grid – A very useful Elementor WooCommerce category product widget that can be utilized to showcase WooCommerce product category or Woocommerce category in a responsive grid layout on your WooCommerce store. This WooCommerce category post widget can also help you create a WooCommerce category list, WooCommerce category menu, or WooCommerce category showcase including WooCommerce category images.

WooCommerce Brands – Showcase brand logos within a grid or carousel layout. WooCommerce Brands widget lets you display brands in different layouts. WooCommerce product brands is a WooLento’s widget that helps you to showcase product brands in your store.

Customer Review – Display customer reviews and control the style and layout of the reviews. With the help of this Elementor WooCommerce builder widget, you can increase the credibility of your business by allowing potential customers to see what the previous customers are saying about a particular product.

Product Curvy – Showcase your products in an attractive card layout with circular images. Apart from drawing the attention of your store visitors, this Elementor WooCommerce builder widget will also make your WooCommerce website stand out from the thousands of other stores.

Product Image Accordion – Add a stunning image accordion for your products to grab the attention of your customers.

Product Accordion – Add a simple but effective product according to your store and customize as per your needs.

AJAX Search Form – Incorporate an AJAX search form into your store so that your customers can get live search suggestions when searching for a product. Customers can find their desired products in a matter of seconds with the help of an AJAX-powered WooCommerce search bar. Besides, this powerful AJAX WooCommerce search form module allows you to perform WooCommerce search by category. If you want to provide your customers with an incredible WooCommerce product search experience while they search WooCommerce store, you should definitely consider adding an efficient WooCommerce advanced search option to your WooCommerce store.

Recently Viewed Products – When it comes to displaying the recently viewed products by shoppers on a WooCommerce store, this WooCommerce recently viewed products widget will come in handy. This way, visitors can see what products they recently viewed in a store, making it easier for them to decide. Moreover, you can control the number of products to showcase, product order, columns, visibility of elements, and some necessary styles to change the look and feel of these woo recently viewed products.

Template Selector – Create a custom Elementor template by utilizing this very widget and use it anywhere you want.

For Single Product Page:

Product Title – Control the layout and styling of your product title. In addition, you can dynamically display a product title on the WooCommerce product page by using the product title WooCommerce widget, which is available in this WordPress WooCommerce builder plugin.

Product Description – Get control over the layout and style of your product description. The product description WooCommerce widget included in this WooCommerce builder allows you to showcase the product description anywhere you want on the WooCommerce single product page.

Product Short Description – Manage the layout and style of your product short description. When store owners want to display a short description of their products instead of a long description on the WooCommerce single product page, this Elementor WooCommerce widget can be pretty useful.

Add to Cart – Manage the style and layout of the Add to Cart button for WooCommerce. Moreover, you can place this Elementor WooCommerce widget anywhere on the WooCommerce product page or WooCommerce product templates to display the WooCommerce add to cart button link. That’s not all; This WooCommerce add to cart widget allows you to change the Woocommerce add to cart button text or WooCommerce add to cart button label, including all the necessary button styles to match your brand needs.

Additional Information – Add additional information for your products.

Product Data Tabs – Gives you the flexibility to display WooCommerce product tabs in any place you prefer on the WooCommerce single product page. Also, with this WooCommerce tabs widget or WooCommerce product tab widget, you can control how product page tabs will appear, applying WooCommerce product custom tabs or WooCommerce custom tabs styling.

Related Product – Set the number of WooCommerce related products to display and change the style according to your needs.

Related Product Layout (Custom) – Create a more customized layout to display the WooCommerce related products on the WooCommerce product page. You can even utilize this Elementor WooCommerce widget as a WooCommerce related products slider plugin to design a striking WooCommerce related products slider and personalize all the settings available for the related product slider for WooCommerce. (Pro)

Product Price – Show WooCommerce product prices dynamically on your store. This widget will automatically render the price of a specific WooCommerce product. Even when a product is on sale, it will display both the WooCommerce sale price and the regular price. Besides, you can manage the style for the product price using this WooCommerce price addon.

Product Rating – Control the product rating style with this product widget WooCommerce or WooCommerce product page widget.

Product Reviews – Display product reviews and a form for the customer to submit a review.

Product Image – Display WooCommerce product images on the WooCommerce single product page and take control over the styling of your WooCommerce product images and product thumbnails. Shoppers can also view the WooCommerce product images or Woocommerce featured images in a user-friendly WooCommerce lightbox or WooCommerce popup.

Advanced Product Thumbnails – Get full control over the product thumbnail layout with this advanced Elementor WooCommerce widget. It allows showcasing product thumbnails in a WooCommerce product gallery slider, WooCommerce gallery slider, WooCommerce gallery carousel, or WooCommerce product gallery carousel, which makes the thumbnail images look quite appealing. You can even show or hide the sale badge or WooCommerce badge if you want. (Pro)

Advanced Product Thumbnails with Zoom – Showcase your product images with a WooCommerce zoom effect. This Elementor WooCommerce builder widget for WooCommerce product zoom plays the role of a WooCommerce zoom image plugin, WooCommerce zoom plugin, or product image zoom for WooCommerce plugin.

On top of that, you can create a beautiful WooCommerce product thumbnails slider or WooCommerce product image slider on your store with this WooCommerce product addon. Using such functionality of product zoom woocommerce and WooCommerce product thumbnails slider on WooCommerce product templates, you can enhance the look and feel of the WooCommerce single product page.

Product Video Gallery – Add videos to the product thumbnails gallery and get control over the gallery position.

Upsell Product – Set the number of upsell products to display and change the style based on your needs. With this WooCommerce builder upsell products widget, you can encourage potential customers to include some more expensive products or add-ons to their orders so that it increases the overall order value.

You can also use the WooCommerce upsell products widget like a WooCommerce upsell plugin to display similar or related upsells products on a specific product’s detail page and persuade customers to spend more on those WooCommerce upsells products.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to leverage the product upsell feature in your store and multiply your sales.

Upsell Product Layout (Custom) – Create a more personalized layout to display the WooCommerce upsell products. This WooCommerce builder product upsell widget or upsell WooCommerce widget gives you the ability to have even more control over the look and feel of the WooCommerce upsell products section. You can even showcase upsell products in an attractive upsell carousel or upsell carousel. (Pro)

Product Stock – Control the style of your product stock status.

Product Meta – Customize the style of your WooCommerce product meta data.

Call for price – Allows you to add a button using which your customers will be able to call you to know the price of your products. You may want to add products without showing the price, so your customers can call you to know the price. We found many websites that hide WooCommerce price for some of their products. For this type of website, we added this widget. If anyone clicks on the “Call for price” button from a mobile, he/she can easily contact you by phone call.

Suggest Price – Insert a button to get suggestions from your customers regarding the price of your products. Your customer can suggest a price for your products. You can add this button anywhere on your product detail page. We put it on the right side of the add to cart button. If a customer clicks here, a contact form will open to send the price suggestion.

QR Code – Let your customers add any products to their cart just by scanning the QR code from their mobile phone.

Social Share – Enable your customers to share your products on different social media platforms. (Pro)

Stock Progress Bar – Add a WooCommerce stock progress bar to display the number of WooCommerce ordered products and available products. This Elementor WooCommerce widget lets you visually represent the available stock of a specific product by using a WooCommerce progress bar or product stock count progress bar for WooCommerce. Once your prospective customers see the amount of WooCommerce ordered products, it becomes easier for them to understand how much demand that particular product has on your store. (Pro)

Product Sale Schedule – Set up a discount scheduler for each product that is on sale. (Pro)

Cart Page Widgets (Pro):

Cart Table – Control each and every element of the cart table and customize the action buttons.

Cart Total – Manage the style and layout of the cart total table.

Empty Cart Message – Change the empty cart message text and customize the style.

Empty Cart Redirect Button – Get full control over the redirect button of an empty Cart page.

Cross Sell Product – Showcase WooCommerce cross sell products on your WooCommerce store and control the styles for each cross sell widget element.

Cross Sell Product Layout (Custom) – Get even more control over the cross selling products or WooCommerce cross sell products using this fantastic Cross-sell products widget.

Checkout Page Widgets (Pro):

Checkout Additional Info Form – Modify the fields and style of the additional information form.

Checkout Billing Form – Get full control over the fields and styles of the billing form.

Checkout Shipping Form – Manage all the fields and necessary styles of the shipping form.

Checkout Payment Method – Set your own style for the payment method section of the Checkout page.

Checkout Coupon Form – Control the layout and style of the coupon form effortlessly.

Checkout Login Form – Customize the login form as per your requirements.

Checkout Order Review – Change the style of the order review form exactly the way you want.

My Account Page Widgets (Pro):

My Account – Control the navigation menu items and style of the account page.

My Account Dashboard – Display the dashboard options from the account page separately and set your own style.

My Account Download – Display the download options from the account page separately.

My Account Edit – Show a form for your customers to edit the account information and control the style of the form elements.

My Account Address – Enable your customers to provide their billing and shipping details.

My Account Login Form – Control the layout and style of the customer login form.

My Account Register Form – Control the layout and style of the customer registration form.

My Account Logout – Show a link to log out and customize the link based on your needs.

My Account Order – Display the order details from the account page separately.

Shop or Archive Page Widgets:

Product Archive Layout – Display your products using the theme style and customize the necessary styles if necessary.

Product Archive Layout (Custom) – Display your products using a more customized layout and get control over the styles of every element. You can easily create an appealing product list for WooCommerce websites with this Elementor WooCommerce builder widget. (Pro)

Horizontal Filter – Provide your store visitors with various product filtering options horizontally while having absolute control over the styles and layouts of those WooCommerce product filters. You can leverage this WooCommerce product filter widget to add several product filters for WooCommerce, such as WooCommerce search filter, category filter WooCommerce, WooCommerce search by price filter, WooCommerce sort, and so on.

Vertical Filter – Display several WordPress WooCommerce product filters vertically on your WooCommerce store and get complete control over the styles and layouts of those WooCommerce product filters. When you associate this WooCommerce product filter widget with an archive widget, your products will become WooCommerce filterable products. It means that store visitors can filter through the products based on different WooCommerce filters and easily find the products they are looking for.

💪 WooLentor’s WooCommerce Module:

🎨 WooCommerce Variation Swatches Module

Love the look of those variations swatches in your favorite online store, but don’t know how to get that effect on your own site?

We feel you. That’s why we created this WooCommerce product Variation Swatches Module – to help you turn those boring old WooCommerce product drop down options into more visually appealing WooCommerce variation swatches or woo variation swatches (variation switcher). Now your customers can see all the variations at a glance, making their shopping experience much better.

Plus, with WooCommerce product variation swatches module or variation swatches addons, you can choose from WooCommerce color swatches, button swatches, Label Swatches or image swatch (WooCommerce Color and Label Variations, Link Variation, etc..) – whichever suits your store’s style best. So why wait? Start using product attribute swatches today and watch your sales soar!

Using WooCommerce variation swatches module Addon, as opposed to the traditional dropdown method of displaying product variants (variation switcher), provides exceptional convenience for your customers and gives your store a professional look. Product variation swatches for WooCommerce provide a user-friendly way for your customers to select product variations (variations checkbox for WooCommerce swatches attributes swatches) without having to click on the dropdown menu. Customers can quickly identify and choose from different colors, sizes, styles (color and label variations), or other attributes that you have selected for each product.

Start using WooCommerce product variation swatches module now!

More Details

🔔 Sales Notification

This feature allows showing the sales notification or sales popup to display real/custom orders. Furthermore, you can customize the design of the WooCommerce sales popup or notification from the module settings. Even though the module name suggests that is meant for displaying sales notifications, nevertheless, you can also do other things like showing WooCommerce product announcements, WooCommerce announcements, or any other WooCommerce product notices by creating a custom notification.

More Details

✏️ Rename Label

WooLentor allows renaming labels for Shop, Product details, Cart, Checkout page text. For example, WooCommerce button text, WooCommerce text message, WooCommerce add custom text, WooCommerce add to cart button text, Change cart button text, Order button text, and checkout page fields text.

More Details

👀 Product Quick View

Incorporate a WooCommerce product quick view into your store so that visitors can immediately see detailed information about a specific product without having to visit the WooCommerce product page. This Elementor WooCommerce module displays a WooCommerce product quick view modal within a WooCommerce lightbox.

More Details

❤️ WooCommerce Wishlist Module

WooLenor’s WooCommerce Wishlist Module is a fantastic module that enables you to integrate the wishlist feature on your WooCommerce store. With the help of this extraordinary Wishlist modules, you can provide a seamless shopping experience to your potential customers by allowing them to create a wishlist and add their desired products to that wishlist so that they find all their items in one place later.

More Details

⚖️ Product Compare or Comparison Table Module

Product Compare is a wonderful module that lets you add a product comparison option to your WooCommerce store using which your store visitors will be able to compare different products in a table layout or a popup window. This allows them to check the differences among the products based on several attributes while helping them make the buying decision easier at the same time.

Furthermore, customers can compare prices of various WooCommerce compare products within the compare tables generated by this powerful compare products plugin or products compare plugin. But, that’s not all; This WooCommerce product compare plugin or WooCommerce compare products plugin even allows visitors to do several other things, such as compare offers, compare images, price compare, and many more. All it requires is a click on a WooCommerce compare products button, and an interactive compare popup will appear where they can compare WooCommerce products in a compare table.

On top of that, WooLentor is fully compatible with the YITH WooCommerce compare plugin many users use to accomplish the same task.

More Details

⏲️ Flash Sale Countdown

Flash Sale Countdown module allows you to show discounts available for a limited time by adding a WooCommerce sale countdown timer, sale countdown timer WooCommerce, WooCommerce product countdown, or product time countdown for WooCommerce. Short-term sales can be a fantastic way to sell a large number of items in a few hours. If your company expects an exceptional rise in your checkout counts, you ought to leverage the Flash Sale Countdown module or WooCommerce sale countdown module on New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, Christmas, and other holiday sales. In short, the flash sale countdown module plays the role of a countdown plugin for WooCommerce or a sale countdown WooCommerce addon.

This incredible WooCommerce product countdown module or sales countdown WooCommerce addon will also help you create a sense of urgency and scarcity among your customers by allowing you to display a WooCommerce sales countdown timer, WooCommerce countdown timer, sale countdown timer WooCommerce, or WooCommerce timer on the promotional campaigns you run. You can even set a time when a Woocommerce sale schedule will begin using this sales countdown WooCommerce addon, which helps in creating a buzz as well as boosting the conversion rate.

More Details

✨ Shopify Style Checkout Page in WooCommerce

When it comes to the Checkout page, customers always prefer a clean and simple one rather than a complicated one with lots of fields. A lengthy Checkout form can even increase cart abandonment while also negatively affecting the conversion rates. With this in mind, we have added a fantastic feature, which will enable you to create a Shopify style Checkout page that is pretty straightforward. Furthermore, it will provide the customers with an amazing Checkout experience.

More Details

📧 WooCommerce Email Customizer

Email Customizer by WooLentor is a powerful module that allows you to easily customize your WooCommerce Email Templates, giving you the professional look that many businesses desire. With Email Customizer, you can create custom email template designs or layouts for all of the default WooCommerce emails using the Elementor page builder. Furthermore, the module includes a plethora of customization options, allowing you to get complete control over the look and style of those emails – so you can tailor the default WooCommerce email templates to match your brand perfectly. Whether you want to make a simple change or completely redesign your WooCommerce email templates, Email Customizer has you covered.

In short, you can leverage this powerful WooCommerce email customizer module as a WooCommerce email builder, email template builder, responsive email builder, visual email builder, email template designer, WooCommerce email designer, etc. to create stunning Elementor email templates or WooCommerce email templates.

🤖 WooCommerce Email Marketing Automation

WooLentor’s WooCommerce email marketing automation module is extremely powerful. This module allows for the automated email sequences to new customers, current clients, post-purchase emails, and more. Email marketing automation may help promote online store sales. Within WooCommerce, this module enables the development of workflow systems that include Triggers, Rules, and Actions in multiple combinations. WooLentor’s WooCommerce email sequences/marketing automation module is the perfect tool for online store owners who are looking to take their business to the next level. With this module, you’ll be able to create sophisticated email marketing campaigns that will engage your customers and boost your sales. So don’t wait any longer, get WooLentor’s WooCommerce email marketing automation module today!

🔍 Advanced AJAX Search Widget Module

For any online store, WooLentor’s WooCommerce Ajax search module is a must-have. It enables customers to locate what they want swiftly and efficiently, without having to go through other pages or wait for the page to load. The WooCommerce Ajax search widget by WooLentor is quick, dependable, and simple to use.

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🛒 Single Product AJAX Add to Cart Module

Customers who browse stores with a lot of products may find the Single Product WooCommerce Ajax Add to Cart module to be a tremendous time-saver. It speeds up the add-to-cart process by eliminating the need to refresh or reload the page whenever a product is added to the cart, saving customers time. Furthermore, because the module uses ajax, it can keep customers on the same page while they shop, allowing them to continue browsing other products without interruption.

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📦 Backorder Module

You may use a Backorder module to enable your consumers to make purchases from you that you can’t currently fulfill. Cross-docking strategies, such as those used by organized firms, can help them fill orders quickly once goods arrive, saving time and resources. Backorders offer flexibility to warehouse management when products take up a lot of room or when aa customer needs to pay and receive the product at a later date.

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📋 WordPress Post and WooCommerce Product Duplicator

This module may be handy if you want to build a new product based on an existing one or make a minor modification to an established article. The WooLentor Post Duplicator makes it simple to duplicate any post type, including custom post kinds.

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⭐ Checkout Field Editor or Manager (Pro)

The checkout procedure is one of the most vital aspects of running a successful online store. It’s easy to lose customers at this crucial stage if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s essential to have a simple and user-friendly checkout process. With the WooLentor Checkout Field Editor/Manager Module, you’ll be able to easily edit, add, and remove fields from your checkout page. Using this Checkout field manager module, you can make sure that your customers have a smooth and hassle-free experience when they’re checking out.

This powerful checkout field editor module gives you absolute control over the checkout fields by providing you with an intuitive WooCommerce checkout form editor, WooCommerce checkout editor that gives you the ability to add WooCommerce extra checkout fields or WooCommerce custom checkout fields to the WooCommerce checkout form. You can even personalize the order of WooCommerce checkout fields as well as change their labels and placeholders.

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✨ Multi-Step Checkout (Pro)

The checkout process is the most important step in your customer’s journey, and it should be as easy and seamless as possible. That’s why we created our Multi-Step Checkout feature that allows you to create a more effective and organized checkout page by dividing the process into several simpler steps.

With WooLentor’s multistep checkout module, you can simplify the checkout process by adding an easy-to-use WooCommerce multistep checkout wizard to your WooCommerce. Since the multistep checkout for WooCommerce breaks the lengthy checkout process into smaller and more manageable steps, it becomes less overwhelming for the customers to make a purchase. Once you enable the multistep checkout WooCommerce module, you’ll find a new widget that helps you add the WooCommerce multistep checkout.

Furthermore, this Elementor WooCommerce widget for WooCommerce multi-step checkout lets you customize the necessary styles while making the checkout process even more user-friendly.

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💳 Partial Payment (Pro)

Customers may utilize the partial payment option to make a part payment since they just don’t have enough money on hand to pay the invoice in full. Store owners can handle partial payments and decide whether or not consumers can get the product right away or only after they pay full price.

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✨ Pre-Order Module (Pro)

A preorder is a purchase in which a customer makes before the product officially becomes available. Pre-ordering is a powerful marketing module that lets you reserve items ahead of time and charge customers a deposit or full payment. Customers also enjoy pre-ordering as it ensures that they will obtain the product right after it has been released. The main benefit of utilizing a pre-order strategy is that it allows you to grow eCommerce sales and forecast consumer demand.

WooLentor doesn’t only incorporate the WooCommerce preorder options into your WooCommerce store but also allows you to manage all of the WooCommerce preorders from the order menu. You can even display a pre-order notice on the Cart page.

As the WooCommerce preorder feature gives a rough indication of which products are in demand, store owners can easily make an efficient marketing plan or strategy accordingly to create a buzz around those specific products. As a result, they understand beforehand which products are going to be popular once they are available in the store.

This way, store owners can leverage the pre-order for WooCommerce module or pre-order WooCommerce module to its fullest, ensuring that customers don’t miss out on their desired products. Furthermore, with WooCommerce preorder setup and configured for a few products, customers can purchase them even if they are out of stock.

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📏 WooCommerce Product Size Chart Module (Pro)

The WooCommerce Product Size Chart is an excellent module for e-commerce businesses that sell items in various sizes. This powerful WooCommerce size chart tool allows you to create simple size recommendations, WooCommerce product size chart, or product chart for WooCommerce that enable your consumers to choose the right product size and make their purchase decisions quickly and easily. The Product Size Chart for WooCommerce can help you streamline your buying experience by making it easy for customers to find the right product size.

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📊 GTM Conversion Tracking (Google Tag Manager) Module (Pro)

GTM Conversion Tracking Module helps you keep track of conversions and assign them to specific sources. You may identify whether a sale was caused by a Google Ads/Facebook Ads, a direct website visit, or a social media post. When you link your store seamlessly with GTM, you’ll generate more income from advertising by gathering precise sales data.

📌 Single Product Sticky Add to cart Module (Pro)

One of the most essential aspects of building a successful online shop is to make the process as simple as possible for your consumers. Using the sticky add to cart module, you can easily achieve this as it allows you to incorporate a sticky add to cart bar, WooCommerce sticky bar, cart WooCommerce sticky, or sticky WooCommerce bar to the product page. A sticky add to cart or sticky cart bar includes an add to cart button, a cart quantity field as well as some product information.

This sticky add to cart bar usually appears when you scroll past the add to cart button located at the top of the product details page. This feature will come in handy when product information is too lengthy and customers can’t decide whether or not to add a product to the cart. With WooLentor’s sticky add to cart module, you can display a WooCommerce sticky bar on the product page, using which customers can easily add a product to the cart even if they scroll past the default WooCommerce cart button.

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🛒 Side Mini Cart / Cart Drawer Module (Pro)

WooLentor’s Cart Drawer or Side Mini Cart for WooCommerce is a useful module that displays a list of current cart items on your website. This helps to improve the purchasing experience for your consumers by allowing them to keep track of their progress without ever having to leave the page. The WooCommerce minicart feature also makes removing things from their cart simple – there’s no need to go to the shopping cart page, they can just click ‘remove’ next to the item in the mini cart.

A WooCommerce side cart appears as a WooCommerce cart icon on the right-hand side or left-hand side of your screen. It kind of works like a floating cart for WooCommerce. When a user clicks on that Woocommerce cart icon where they can view their cart items before checking out. That’s the reason why customers find the WooCommerce mini cart convenient enough as it helps them save a lot of time while purchasing.

This wonderful side mini cart module enables you to add a WooCommerce side cart, side cart WooCommerce, WooCommerce minicart, WooCommerce mini cart, etc. that can help you convert many of your potential store visitors into loyal customers.

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🔀 Redirect to checkout / Redirect to checkout after add to cart (Pro)

The Redirect to Checkout Module of WooLentor is an excellent feature for keeping your customers on track and ensuring a quick checkout process. This WooCommerce checkout redirect module allows you to send visitors to the checkout page of your website after they click the add to cart button so they can complete the purchase promptly and easily. Adding a redirect to checkout after add to cart helps to provide an optimal user experience while boosting conversion rates and sales.

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🔌 Extensions:

💰 Whols for WooCommerce Wholesale
Whols is an outstanding WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that allows store owners to set wholesale prices for the products of their online stores. This plugin enables you to show special wholesale prices to the wholesaler.

📋 JustTables for WooCommerce Product Table
JustTables is an incredible WordPress plugin that lets you showcase all your WooCommerce products in a sortable and filterable table view. It allows your customers to easily navigate through different attributes of the products and compare them on a single page.

In other words, you can leverage this wonderful plugin like a WooCommerce table designer or WooCommerce table builder that allows creating product tables for WooCommerce, product table for WooCommerce, WooCommerce product tables, or product table listing to showcase your products in WooCommerce table view, WooCommerce table layout, or WooCommerce products table.

💷 Multi Currency for WooCommerce Currency Switcher
Multi-Currency for WooCommerce is a prominent currency switcher plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin allows your website or online store visitors to switch to their preferred currency or their country’s currency.

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❤️ Free WooCommerce Themes

  • 99fy is a free WooCommerce theme. 99 demos for 24 niche categories are included in this theme.
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  • Parlo WooCommerce Theme
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🔥 Premium WooCommerce Themes Included in The Pro Version

We have included a few premium WooCommerce themes in the WooLentor Pro Package to save money of our customers.
Flone is one of our most popular WooComemrce Themes using by 1000+ stores.
99Fy Pro
Pro version of 99fy is included in WooLentor pro. 99 demos for 24 niche categories are included in this theme.
Holmes is a multipurpose premium WooCommerce Theme.
Check all of the themes, included in the Woolentor Pro version.

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