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Tag Groups lets you organize your WordPress tags in groups or by alphabet and display them in tag clouds (tabs or accordion) or tag lists. You can customize them with a huge number of options and use them in posts, pages or widgets.

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Finally, the end of messy tags

This plugin comes with the following features:

  • Tabbed Tag Cloud: A tag cloud where tags are sorted into groups that appear in tabs.
  • Accordion Tag Cloud: A tag cloud where tags are sorted into vertically stacked groups.
  • Tag List: Tags are appear in columns, sorted into groups.
  • Alphabetical Tag Cloud: Tag are sorted alphabetically by first letter under tabs.
  • Alphabetical Tag Index: Tag appear in columns, sorted alphabetically by first letter.

All features are available as shortcodes and as Gutenberg blocks. Choose whatever suits you best!

Tag clouds and lists work out of the box, but you can also customize them, append or prepend something to each tag, set a separator, set the link target, set the smallest and the largest font size, display the post count and much more.

Why your web site will benefit from organizing your tags into groups

Most WordPress sites mix up tags that should actually be separated by topics: places, people, features, years and more.

Your tags, however, will become much more useful if you organize them in groups. Imagine a tag cloud where all places appear in a “Places” group, all names under “Names” and all years under “Years”. The Tag Groups plugin lets you do exactly that.

How to use tag groups

After activating the plugin, you will be guided by an optional setup wizard.

First you create groups that will contain your tags. Then you sort your tags into these groups. You can later always come back and modify the groups or change the tags. You don’t even need any groups if you prefer to show your tags sorted by alphabet.

Filters and bulk actions make your work with tags much easier, and you can even filter the list of posts in your backend by the groups that their tags belong to.

Not only tags

Tag Groups works also great with most other (flat) taxonomies, like WooCommerce product tags.

The plugin does not support hierarchical taxonomies like categories.

Possible applications

  • Display your tags grouped by language or by topic.
  • Create an alphabetical index of your tags – think of a phone book for your tags.
  • Display only tags of selected groups in a tag cloud.
  • Choose which tags to display in different sections of your blog.
  • Change the sorting order in your tag cloud.
  • Customize the links, the text, the font size or the separator of your tag cloud items.
  • Prepend or append to each tag a custom character or the post count.
  • Insert into each post a tag cloud using only the tags of this post.
  • Easily manage huge amounts of tags or posts in the backend by dividing them into groups.
  • Add a parent level to tags and make them hierarchical.

Multilingual websites

This plugin is officially compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual). That means you can use a different tag group name for each language.

Please find more information on the plugin website.

Video: Installation and first steps

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Other Notes

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This plugin does not collect or process any personal user data unless you expressively opt-in.

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