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WP eBay Product Feeds allows you to quickly and easily place feeds from the eBay Partner Network into your WordPress blog. These can easily be embedded into posts, placed as widgets or inserted into the themes – flexibility is huge. This plugin is ideal for bloggers who wish to make more money through their blogs by promoting eBay’s affiliate programme, as well as users who sell their own items on eBay.

Please Note From 1st September 2020 the Dynamic Feed Generator from eBay is being withdrawn. We’ve tested another service – RSS Ground, that will be used to handle feeds, though any other feed generator will work.

Having Problems? Please use the either the WordPress.org support forums and I’ll attempt to get back to you quickly. In a rush? Use our Priority Support Forums to get an answer within 1 business day.

WP eBay Product Feeds Premium

WP eBay Product Feeds Premium is a plugin that extends the usability of WP eBay Product Feeds to allow you to create simple templates. You can turn feeds into beautiful shop style layouts, encouraging clickthroughs, higher sales and more referrals.

Also, from 2.3, you can now use WP eBay Product Feeds Premium to introduce smart links into your post. Save time and effort creating affiliate links to eBay using Smart Links!

About Winwar Media

This plugin is made by Winwar Media, a WordPress Development and Training Agency in Manchester, UK.

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We offer support in two places:-

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