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We are currently focusing on developing an enhancement of the new WordPress block editor using our plugin Advanced Gutenberg. While this plugin is just maintained, we encourage all our users to try the Advanced Gutenberg experience 🙂

The WordPress text editor is really easy to use and something fundamental for everyone, whether you are a redactor or a web developer. What about getting an enhanced version of this text editor offering a custom experience to each user.

WP Smart Editor is giving to you and your clients a custom experience with the possibility to filter the tools available per user or user role.

Furthermore, the plugins comes with time saving edition tools:
– A table manager
– A file manager
– A column manager: Create and customize columns layouts without using any HTML
– A button manager: Design, Save and re-use your buttons from the editor
– A bullet manager: Design your bullet lists with icons, Save and re-use them all over your website
– Content summary: Generate automatic summary with links based on your content title structure
– A editor template manager: Save and reload your Editor HTML layouts
– A custom style editor: Create and give to your users custom styles in dropdown list based on your own CSS
– Enhanced codemirror (code coloration) version
– Code search and replace feature

More information and feature details here!

Still not sure! test the plugin live on Addendio sandbox demo website

Video demo of the main editor features

Video demo of the advanced editor tools

Create unlimited edition profiles, for each editor profile define:
– The Edition tools available (like font size, bold, column manager…)
– The edition tool place in the editor bar
– Assign the editor profile to one or several user groups
– Assign the editor profile to one or several users
– Import/Export edition profiles with all the configuration inside

Text editor configuration and options:
– Create your own CSS styled snippet from Editor with preview and make them available in a click from the editor
– Activate code coloration and syntax in text editor
– Activate code coloration and syntax in theme editor
– Search and replace advanced feature in code editor view
– Import/Export CSS custom styles from one website to another

WP Smart Editor is totally free of charge, the only thing you can purchase is an upgrade of WP File Download (the enhanced version of the file manager) and WP Table Manager (the enhanced version of the table manager).

Main plugins from JoomUnited:

  • WP Media Folder: Supercharge your media library with folders
  • WP File Download: Best in class file and document manager
  • WP Meta SEO: Search Engine Optimization made easy
  • WP Speed of Light: Speedup your website in an easy way
  • WP Latest Posts: Super flexible latest posts and content
  • WP Table Manager: Create and manage tables with style
  • Advanced Gutenberg: Light and efficient WP page builder


Before leaving a review >> Feel free to ask questions here in the support section, we reply to every question!
A dedicated private ticket support is also available on the website.

  • Product page on the **[JoomUnited website]

  • Detailed documentation on the **[JoomUnited documentation section]


PHP 5.6+, PHP7 or 7.1 recommended for better performance, WordPress 4.5+

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