WP Social Bookmarking Light

Mô tả

This plugin inserts social share links at the top or bottom of each post.
For theme developers, social share links can be added by PHP code or by using shortcode. Check documentation for this use-case.

This plugin documentation can be found here.

This is the list of used social sites:

  • Hatena
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Facebook Share Button
  • Facebook Send Button
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Google Bookmark
  • Google +1
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Instapaper
  • StumbleUpon
  • mixi Check
  • mixi Like
  • GREE Social Feedback
  • atode (toread)
  • LINE
  • Pocket
  • Pinterest
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