WP Total Hacks

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WP Total Hacks can customize more than 20 settings on your WordPress Site.

This Plugin published on GitHub.

Some features:

All items you can select to Activate or Deactivate.
PHP5 is required!

  • Add a favicon.
  • Change admin header logo.
  • Change admin footer text.
  • Change login logo.
  • Deactivate selected meta boxes for Posts & Pages.
  • Deactivate selected dashboard widgets.
  • Remove unnecessary meta tags.
  • Change default email address.
  • Remove Update Notification for all users except Admin User.
  • Delete default contact methods from user profile.
  • Customize limit the number of allowed revisions.
  • Disable auto save.
  • Stop sending pings from your own site to your own site when you write posts.
  • Block pingbacks.
  • Enable shortcode/oEmbed in the text widget.
  • And other!

Hỗ trợ

  • English – http://wpist.me/wp/wp-total-hacks/
  • Japanese – http://firegoby.jp/wp/wp-total-hacks


  • Japanese(ja) – Takayuki Miyauchi
  • Italian(it_IT) – Andrea Bersi
  • Russian(ru_RU) – LiVsI
  • Turkish(tr_TR) – Serkan Algur
  • German(de_DE) – Felix Kern
  • Dutch(nl_NL) – Guy Steyaert
  • Chinese(zh_CN) – missingPig
  • Belarusian(be_BY) – Alexander Ovsov
  • Malay(ms_MY) – Zairul Azmil
  • Brazilian Portuguese(pt_BR) – Rafael Funchal
  • French(fr_FR) – Guillaume VASLIN
  • Greek(el) – George Siamidis
  • Slovak(sk_SK) – Branco
  • Persian(fa_IR) – Amir Maskani
  • Serbo-Croation(sr_RS) – Anja Skrba
  • Vietnamese(vi) – Trong
  • Polish(pl_PL) – Michael Skweres

You can send your own language pack to me.

Please contact to me.

  • http://wpist.me/ (en)
  • http://firegoby.theta.ne.jp/ (ja)
  • @miya0001 on twitter.
  • https://github.com/miya0001/wp-total-hacks


  • Takayuki Miyauchi
  • Felix Kern
  • Mako
  • Shuhei Nishimura


This plug-in is not guaranteed though the user of WordPress can freely use this plug-in free of charge regardless of the purpose.
The author must acknowledge the thing that the operation guarantee and the support in this plug-in use are not done at all beforehand.


email to miya[at]theta.ne.jp
twitter @miya0001

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