WPFront User Role Editor

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WPFront User Role Editor plugin allows you to easily manage WordPress user roles within your site.
You can create, edit or delete user roles and manage role capabilities.


  • Create new roles.
  • Edit or rename existing roles.
  • Clone existing roles.
  • Manage capabilities.
  • Allows you to add role capabilities.
  • Change default user role.
  • Add or Remove capabilities.
  • Restore role.
  • Assign multiple roles.
  • Migrate users.
  • Navigation menu permissions basic.
  • Widget permissions basic.
  • Login redirect basic.
  • Admin menu editor. [PRO]
  • Media library permissions. [PRO]
  • User level permissions. [PRO]
  • Navigation menu permissions advanced. [PRO]
  • Widget permissions advanced. [PRO]
  • Login redirect advanced. [PRO]
  • Post/Page extended permissions. [PRO]
  • Custom post type permissions. [PRO]
  • Content restriction shortcodes. [PRO]
  • Import/Export. [PRO]
  • Multisite support. [PRO]

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