Zedity – The Layout-Free Content Editor

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From simple collages to complex infographics, Zedity makes it easy to add multimedia content to your pages.

Flexible, Layout-free

Whenever you feel like rows and columns are not appropriate to create your content, Zedity is what you need.

Easy for everyone

Anyone can use Zedity, with or without technical skills.

HTML5 under the hood

As you visually create the content, Zedity automatically generates HTML5, CSS and Javascript code, no third party or proprietary code.


The free version comes with all the basic features to get you started, some of which are listed here:

  • Video box, with support for both YouTube and Vimeo
  • Audio box, with support for both SoundCloud and Reverbnation
  • Html box, with safe mode and support for social sharing scripts
  • Image box
  • Text box, with both plain or formatted paste
  • Color box
  • One-click box selection and drag
  • Isolated and standard content mode
  • Whole content alignment to page
  • Box resize and rotate
  • Support for touch screen devices

As your needs grow, additional features are available in the Premium version:

  • Responsive content: scaling and MLRD (multiple layout responsive design)
  • Document box
  • Video box and audio box, with 20+ Audio and Video supported services
  • SEO friendly tags
  • Text box with both paragraph spacing and paragraph alignment
  • Open links in same frame
  • Box links
  • Global content link
  • Content duplication into another post or page
  • Support for Facebook and Instagram videos
  • Support for YouTube playlists
  • Snap to page and boxes for both positioning and resizing
  • Box alignment to page and fit to page for either width or height
  • Media Library: choose size of images
  • Unlimited colors
  • Box border padding
  • Multiple boxes alignment
  • Exact box width and height
  • Web and custom fonts

The complete list of features is available here.


Zedity is already available in many languages:

Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

More languages will be available soon thanks to the WordPress translation program, which you’re welcome to join!

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